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Racks Central offers customers connectivity from its Singapore data centres to the communications hubs of Asia-Pacific with Epsilon

Epsilon, a privately owned global communications service provider, has been selected by Racks Central, a leading data centre provider in Singapore, to deliver outsourced intelligent network services for its customers. With the support of Epsilon, Racks Central can offer its customers both its core data centre services as well as global network connectivity. Epsilon’s network outsourcing model gives data centre providers immediate access to global network infrastructure and allows them to expand their service offering.

Racks Central will leverage on the more than 500 network operators pre-connected to the Epsilon Global Exchange spanning 170 countries. It will specifically use Epsilon’s eConnect solution to connect its data centre facilities with other facilities and enterprise locations around the world. Customers will be able to purchase both data centre and networking solutions from Racks Central, simplifying their procurement processes and allowing them to access complete infrastructure solutions.

Cloud application providers are increasingly looking for complete infrastructure solutions that include data centres and network. This is why we are using our network outsourcing model to support data centre providers as they enter the networking space. We offer not just the A to B connectivity but the intelligence and expertise to ensure the delivery of high performance applications and communications services.

Andreas HippCEO at Epsilon

Racks Central’s second Singapore data centre will be operational in Q1 of 2015 and will be establishing a ring network between facilities to meet the diversity and resiliency requirements of customers. This will also address its clients’ Disaster Recover requirements with two premium-grade data centres located in the east and west Singapore.

Epsilon offered us the simplest way to access network infrastructure and deliver new services to our customers. The flexibility and efficiency of the Epsilon model means we can meet the unique needs of our customers wherever they need to connect. Data centre customers are asking for more complex solutions and Epsilon was able to offer us an innovative approach that adds value for our customers.

Bobby WeeCEO at Racks Central


Racks Central is privately funded by major equity partners. Driven by a team of industry experts and staffed by highly trained specialists, Racks Central focuses on providing premium-grade data center space and managed services for the Asia Pacific region. Our team has years of experience in large-scale complex IT systems, engineering, power generation and data center operations for high-tech industries. Racks Central operates a Tier 3 class data center space for enterprise grade customers in Singapore and beyond. Our focus is to provide this world-class facility to clients for whom data integrity is essential and a highly secured facility to host their key assets is vital.

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