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Epsilon uses its experience as a service provider to drive innovation in the equipment market and serve tomorrow’s all-IP ecosystem

Cataleya, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Epsilon Global Communications group, has launched a session border controller (SBC) specifically designed to meet the needs of IP services from network through to applications. Cataleya’s SBC offers service providers full end-to-end quality of service, visibility from the transport to applications layers as well as an intuitive user interface to facilitate ease of operation. The product has already been deployed in Epsilon’s global network and is being trialled by service providers in the US, Europe and Asia.

We looked at what we wanted to do in our network and what was available on the market and decided to push intelligent networking as far as we could. There wasn’t an SBC that could deliver what we feel will define the future of the IP ecosystem and that’s true end-to-end QoS, visibility into application performance and simplicity. We decided we had to build it ourselves. With Cataleya, we have matched the engineering skills of our Silicon Valley-based technology team with our expertise in global networking.

Andreas HippCEO at Epsilon Global Communications group

Cataleya SBC Features:

  • End-to-End QoS, QoE analytics and enforcement
  • Comprehensive visibility via near real time and trending analytics reporting – session, service, network, system, application, traffic type, media quality and consequently end to end SLAs
  • Simple, intuitive operation and management system supported by a state-of-the-art GUI
  • High performance and scalability (100,000 concurrent sessions – 2RU (rack units) form factor)
  • Network solution rather than stand alone equipmentIntegrated policy engine, service brokering and orchestration engine
  • SAF – Signaling Adaption Framework (automatically adapts to different SIP incompatibilities)
  • Addresses Interconnect (IPX/I3), retail (soft clients) and LTE market segments

Cataleya is trialling its SBC with several European, North American and Asian interconnect and retail operators. These trials, kicked off in Q1 2014, are scheduled to be completed by Summer 2014.

Many IPX providers are limited to guaranteeing QoS on MPLS networks and that is limited to the transport layer. What Cataleya offers is QoS and visibility right to the application layer and this means better application performance and overall a better quality of experience for end users. This is faster, easier to use and directly enhances what a service provider can offer its customers.

Andreas HippCEO at Epsilon Global Communications group


Cataleya is a leader in IP networking innovation, with a strong track record in developing and deploying next generation carrier grade switching systems, pushing the envelope in an all IP paradigm. Cataleya is headquartered in Singapore with its own technology development team in Silicon Valley and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Epsilon Global Communications Cataleya is another outstanding result of Epsilon’s innovation DNA and reflects a strong service provider influence in the design and functionality of its technology. A new approach to new challenges has led to a product of unparalleled performance, simplicity to operate and reduced cost of ownership.

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