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Singapore has emerged as a hub for cloud services in Asia-Pacific. More than any other place, it has a created a home for cloud that enterprises and service providers in Asia-Pacific can benefit from. As these enterprises and service providers look to expand their Asia-Pacific operations and take advantage of surging demand for IT resources delivered ‘as a service’, Singapore is emerging as their first choice for a secure centre of operations.Cloud computing is set for major growth across Asia-Pacific, with Singapore well placed at the heart of the region. Already, Singapore accounts for about half of the data centre capacity in Southeast Asia, according to the Singapore Economic Development Board, and is ideally positioned between India, Australia, and East Asia.
Geographic location is key to delivering low-latency networking to economies across Asia-Pacific and Singapore matches this with data centre capacity to support the growth of cloud. Independent analyst firm 451 Research expects the overall value of the Asia-Pacific cloud services market to surge to $6.4bn by 2019, up from $1.8bn at the start of 2015.
So why is Singapore growing in prominence as a connectivity and IT hub in the cloud era?
  • It is a magnet for data centre and network operators looking for a world-class base to serve some of the world’s fastest growing economies.
  • It is home to many multinational businesses in key vertical sectors, such as financial services, looking to expand further in Asia-Pacific.
  • Singapore is multi-lingual, multi-cultural, stable and prosperous, and not prone to power outages or service disruptions, making it a solid base for stable and reliable infrastructure that mission critical operations can depend on.
  • Singapore has great internet connectivity not only with other Asian commercial centres but to the whole global economy.
  • Singapore’s government is committed to investing huge sums to turn it into the world’s first ‘smart nation’.
For Epsilon, Singapore is not only home to our headquarters, it is also a place where we are investing heavily. Back in September 2015, we deployed new fibre infrastructure in Singapore in order to further extend our cloud-enablement capabilities in the region.
Epsilon’s local fibre network connects five new data centre operators in Singapore, namely Global Switch, Equinix, Keppel DigiHub, 1-Net and Digital Realty. Together with our 100G backbone, this investment will support cloud, content and high-performance communications services locally, regionally and around the world.
We see Singapore as a key to future of the global cloud and an important place for us to have presence especially with the growth of our CloudLX platform. Singapore gives us a jumping off point for offering on-demand bandwidth across the region and an advantage in terms of global connectivity, partner presence and quality of local network services. We believe in the long-term growth of our cloud platform as well as the long-term growth of Singapore as a hub for the region.
If you are building out your cloud presence in Asia, Singapore is a fantastic starting point.
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