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Ahead of telecoms reforms in Myanmar Yatanarpon Teleport (YTP) and Epsilon prepare to offer local data access services in the country to international customers

Epsilon, a privately owned global communications service provider, and Yatanarpon Teleport (YTP), a leading provider of telecoms services in Myanmar, have agreed to work together to deliver local data access services in the country. This agreement will provide data services to commercial buildings within Myanmar and deliver the international connectivity local and foreign businesses need to operate in the country.

YTP has been working with Epsilon for over one year, using its managed switch partition services to connect calls from around the world to Myanmar. Epsilon operates an international voice gateway on behalf of YTP that connects YTP’s customers to the rest of the world. YTP operates its own nation-wide satellite and wireless network that delivers network services that include Internet access, data, voice, and corporate VPN services in Myanmar.

Epsilon operates world’s largest Global Network Exchange with 500+ network operators pre-connected. It uses these networks to create tailored-made solutions for service providers globally. As a carrier neutral infrastructure provider, it operates and sources the highest quality networks and services in more than 170 countries and builds network solutions for national, regional and international communications companies.

When telecoms laws are finally passed in Myanmar we are in a position to begin offering local access services in the country and help to spur on economic growth as well as infrastructure development. We have had a very successful relationship with YTP in supporting their voice services and we look forward to expanding our co-operation to cover data services as well. It is a very exciting time to be working in Myanmar and we had some of the first business relationships in the country so we’re ready serve the market in the future.

Andreas HippCEO at Epsilon

We are committed to delivering the best network technologies and connectivity in Myanmar. We are working with Epsilon to continue to support the business community in Myanmar and to further stimulate economic development. We look forward to telecoms law being passed and for Epsilon and YTP to deliver the highest quality services in the country. With 60 million people in the country and investment in infrastructure growing, our relationship with Epsilon means we can serve this massive growth in demand.

Tin WinCEO at YTP


Yatanarpon Teleport is a newly launched facilities-based info-communication operator providing a full range of data communication services across a seamlessly integrated network infrastructure. Teleport is focused on bringing affordable yet premium quality services to its customers, driving the market with the latest technology whilst focusing on customer oriented services and a high quality of service.

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