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The Cloud market is maturing, with enterprises continuing to adopt Cloud Applications at an unprecedented rate.

According to Rightscale, businesses are looking to spend 24% more on public cloud this year to address new demands in an ever-changing business landscape. The survey conducted for 786 leading IT professionals also showed that 94% of enterprises use the Cloud with 84% preferring a multi-cloud strategy for greater flexibility and agility.

This urgency in public Cloud adoption amongst the enterprises has inevitably created new IT challenges in various aspects.

Considering the business priorities today, the network is undoubtedly the most important success factor when developing a robust Cloud strategy. Instead of relying on the public internet, enterprises should consider using internet-bypass solutions to connect directly to the Cloud Service Providers (CSPs), Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute for example. One of the easiest ways to do this is through a connectivity provider like Epsilon.

We are here to answer some of the most common concerns about direct Cloud connection and share how Epsilon can help you achieve success in the Cloud:

Concern #1: I do not have presence at the location to directly access the CSP

We enable you to establish direct connection to the Cloud without large upfront investments into the network infrastructure.

Our Direct Cloud Connect solution allows you to connect your enterprise location to a data centre for direct access to the CSP of your choice. If you are an enterprise in Indonesia, where Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute is not supported, you can leverage Epsilon’s global network fabric to directly connect to ExpressRoute in Singapore for high performance and secure direct access to Azure services across the region.

Concern #2: I prefer to have full control and visibility over the network

With Infiny by Epsilon, you gain control over the way you connect to the Cloud.

It is a self-service, on-demand connectivity platform for all your connectivity needs. Simply login via a web-based portal or mobile app to establish direct connection to the CSPs. At the same time, Infiny offers real-time analytics which gives you instant visibility over your network performance as well as the quality of your connectivity end-to-end.

Concern #3: I need scalability and flexibility for both long-term and short-term use

Our Direct Cloud Connect solution is offered using Epsilon’s MEF-certified Ethernet service delivered in granular bandwidth. You have the flexibility to scale your bandwidth up and down, while choosing a preferred duration that suits your immediate business needs.

With ExpressRoute, you have the option to set up Private Peering for Azure compute services (IaaS and PaaS) or Microsoft Peering for online services such as Microsoft 365, Azure Storage, SQL databases, and Web Sites.

Concern #4: I want direct connection to multiple CSPs around the world

Epsilon understands enterprise’s requirements when connecting to multiple CSPs globally.

That’s why we have partnered with the various CSPs to bring you friction-free connectivity to leading Cloud platforms. Our growing partner ecosystem of CSPs include Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Alibaba Cloud and Google Cloud Platform. You can be rest assured that your mission-critical data are protected over our carrier-grade, next-generation global private network.

Concern #5: It’s a lot more expensive compared to public internet

As you run more mission-critical workloads in the Cloud, you definitely want the most reliable, efficient and secure path to the Cloud. Relying on public internet connection poses security and performance risks.

Gartner estimated that a single minute of downtime costs an average of $5,600 and beyond that, your organisation’s reputation is largely at stake. Epsilon provides a convenient yet cost-efficient way to connect directly to Microsoft Azure and other CSPs. There are no monthly recurring charges (MRCs) for the ports which means you only need to pay bandwidth charges for the direct connection.

At Epsilon, we are ready to enable your transformation in the Cloud globally. Service outages, poor performance and security risk are some of the most common Cloud pitfalls today. This is especially troubling for those who uses the internet to connect to the public Cloud. No connectivity means no access to the Cloud.

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