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A partner strategy is one of the best ways to manage and monetise disruption.

According to Gartner, the shift towards Cloud will directly or indirectly affect more than $1Trillion in IT spending during the next five years. The Cloud is mainstream and enterprises globally are looking at efficient ways to move more services off-premises and into a hosted environment. This is transforming how enterprises and service providers operate day-to-day.

The challenge for Service Providers is not just to keep up with this rapid change of pace but to find ways to capture new growth in a changing market. Partnering has become crucial for serving new demand and keeping up with the changing landscape.

Service providers have an opportunity to play a key role in supporting enterprises to embrace transformation and the growth opportunities it presents. Enterprises are beginning to demand more in terms of transformation, with businesses looking to quickly invest in technology capital.

In today’s market, service providers are looking for new innovative methods to refresh their product portfolio for their customers. Providers need the go-to-market process to be faster, with future-proof offerings that can keep up with changing demand in the market. Enterprises want a model that is flexible and scalable to their needs for an agile service delivery.

Through partnering, service providers can deliver a new generation of network services to suit the changing needs of their customers.

Here are 4 ways partnering can transform your product portfolio:

  • On-demand Connectivity – With on-demand connectivity, service providers can efficiently serve increasing customer demand, and enable the deployment of innovative services. Providers can deliver a seamless customer experience with Cloud connectivity that encourages customer stickiness.  Partnering can benefit providers with on-demand networking solutions that support new growth and innovation in their business.
  • Direct Cloud Access – With the shift towards Cloud-based services, providers require a secure and reliable partner for Cloud connectivity.  Service providers want to deliver high-performance applications and communications around the globe. With direct Cloud access, providers can procure flexible and rapidly scalable Cloud services that accelerate a providers’ time-to-market.
  • Global Reach – By working with global networking leaders, providers can tap into new markets and gain access to global telecommunication hubs. The expansion of a company’s presence around the world will create new revenue streams and growth opportunities for the business and its customers. Through partnering, service providers can extend their local network reach.
  • Limitless Scalability – Scalable services allow providers to tailor their solutions to meet customer needs. As demands change, service providers want to provide future-proof services so customers can scale and grow with them. Through strategic partnerships, providers can access scalable infrastructure, enabling them to create new revenue streams and support new business growth.

When collaborating with a global connectivity provider, partners can cut costs, remove the complexity of global networking, accelerate time-to-market and generate new sustainable revenue streams.

Epsilon’s partner programme enables partners to efficiently deploy their services and connect customers around the globe. We believe in making partnering simple, and helping partners to enter new markets and create long-term revenue streams.

Learn more about Epsilon’s Partner Progarmme.

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