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There are a lot of different Ethernet providers globally, which makes it hard to know which one to choose. Getting it right is critical to your success and sets you on a path to growth and enables you to capture new revenue.

Ethernet services continue to evolve and grow globally to support a wide array of organisations and their digital transformation initiatives. According to Vertical Systems Group’s latest projections, more than 4.2 million Ethernet ports will be installed at customer sites by 2021.

With so many Ethernet providers in the market, the challenge is to understand the differentiators and ask the right questions before making a decision. The development of on-demand connectivity platforms has shown that not all Ethernet is created equally.

In an era of on-demand services, web portals and API’s are reshaping the Ethernet services landscape. Here are six things to look at when choosing an Ethernet provider:

#1 The Lead Times – How fast can I turn up an Ethernet service?
If it isn’t on-demand, it probably isn’t going to meet your needs in the long-term. On-demand Ethernet brings your lead times down from weeks to minutes. When you see a demand, you can serve it instantly.
#2 The User Experience  – How much control do I have over my services in real-time? 
On-demand Ethernet procured and managed via mobile app, web portal or API gives you new control over your services. You can click-to-connect your services using a full self-service model anytime, anywhere. It removes the barriers between you and your business outcomes.
#3 The Reach – Where can I connect to and do I have the freedom to grow?
The reach of an Ethernet service is critical to serving new and growing demands. If you want to win bigger contracts, you want a provider that has global reach and a depth of connectivity in local markets. While you might be serving a single country or region today, you want the ability to compete and serve more of your customers’ needs.
#4 The Track Record – Does the provider have a track record of service delivery and customer service?
Trust and reliability are key characteristics to look out for when choosing an Ethernet provider to support your applications and services across the globe. You need a provider that has been proven to deliver consistent levels of Quality of Service and Quality of Experience no matter the market you are connecting.
#5 The Ecosystem – How extensive is the ecosystem that I’m joining?
Today, Ethernet can simplify and accelerate how you connect to Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) and Internet Exchanges (IXs). When you choose the right provider, you can gain direct access to Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Alibaba Cloud, Oracle Cloud and a whole range of CSPs as well as global IXs.
#6 The Vision – How are they innovating and evolving their services to match changing needs?
Change is the only constant. If they aren’t prepared to change they aren’t ready to serve your needs in the future. Look for providers with long-term vision for networking and a proactive approach to developing their services.
With the right Ethernet provider, you can benefit from faster lead times, new scalability and greater control over your services. As you choose an Ethernet provider, ensure they can answer these questions and demonstrate they have a proven approach to supporting your networking needs that is ready to grow with your business.
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