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Our partners and prospects ask us about our plans for our network and our 100G upgrade gives them a very definitive answer.

The rapid adoption of Cloud computing applications, data analytics and the Internet of Things (IoT) solutions demand the support of flexible and efficient networks that go beyond what is being offered by legacy providers today. With the amount of IoT devices set to reach 50 billion by 2020 and the rampant growth in data consumption; Start-ups through to Service Providers are demanding greater bandwidth.

The challenge for Service Providers now is to decide how best to serve this new demand as they will require more agile and flexible services for the long term. These levels of scalability are mostly unavailable in today’s market, hindered by manual processes and limitations of legacy networks. It is slowing down the delivery of new services instead of accelerating innovation and time-to-market.

From enterprises to consumers, connectivity is more than just a utility; it is now at the core of most business functions and an important part of our daily lives. Service Providers today have to understand the consequences of bandwidth constraints and constantly enhance their service experience with hyper-scalable connectivity.

For this reason, we have been evolving our infrastructure across the globe gradually over the last decade. The phased deployment of 100 Gigabyte per second (100G) packet optical switched Ethernet technology across our global backbone network is an inevitable progression. Across North America and Europe, our partners can now provision 100G services on-demand to better serve the dynamically growing demands.

With the upgrade, we are enabling our partners to mirror the demand of today’s technologies and applications. These services can be easily provisioned at the click-of-a-button using our software-defined networking (SDN) platform, Infiny. Users of the Infiny on-demand connectivity platform can turn up network services anytime, anywhere via a web-based portal, their smartphone or even integrated APIs.

Our continual growth in delivering hyper-scalable connectivity across our global network does not stop here. We have begun our 100G upgrade across Asia-Pacific and are progressively expanding the range of connectivity options available on Infiny.
The move from legacy networks to SDN requires both business transformation and paradigm shift. An inevitable change needed to service our growing digitalised world.
To learn more about you can take advantage of our 100G services available on our on-demand connectivity platform, contact us at
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