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Data Centre Interconnection(DCI) is becoming an increasingly important strategy in enabling businesses to piece together their hybrid infrastructure. 

The widespread adoption of the cloud, continual enterprise transformation and the borderless nature of the global economy are all driving demand for fast, fluid, flexible and intelligent networking model.

In this cloud era, the legacy approach to DCI no longer matches the needs of enterprises around the world. It is unable to move fast or scale to meet changing demand.

Traditional network connectivity creates barriers for organisations that are increasingly dependent on interconnecting diverse data centre infrastructure across unique global footprints.
It is about creating cloud-centric DCI ecosystems that are ready to adapt, scale and grow with an organisation, no matter where their customers are today and in the future.
Enterprise DCI Pain Points
Some of the most common pain points for organisations when attempting to connect their global data centres are:
  • Complexity
    It can be resource-intensive and costly to manage multiple service providers across different markets around the globe. Relationships, pricing, monitoring and managing of network services all require internal resources and each service provider may have different capabilities and quality of service (QoS) in different markets.
  • Flexibility and scalability
    In a market-driven by cloud, it is critical to be able to quickly roll out new services wherever there is demand and optimise connectivity for applications and services. Inflexible contracts and limited bandwidth options in traditional DCI ecosystems can make it difficult to capture new business opportunities and grow.
  • Geographical limitations
    If an organisation chooses to be locked into a single data centre ecosystem, they can be challenged to grow in new markets where that provider might not be present. This stagnates the business’ ability to grow seamlessly and instantly introducing new services globally. With a limited data centre footprint, they cannot connect freely and will have to augment their network with more service provider relationships.
  • Serving a comprehensive set of needs
    DCI isn’t just about data centres anymore. It is becoming increasingly important for organisations to interconnect their data centres with cloud service providers (CSPs) and global internet exchanges (IXs). Organisations need the flexibility to connect their physical locations with CSPs and IXs to deliver truly cloud-centric solutions.

Transforming DCI with SDN

Businesses are increasingly seeing the importance of taking control of how they connect, optimise and expand their operations around the world. They are choosing software-defined networking (SDN) fabrics to interconnect their data centres on-demand. 
It facilitates lower setup cost and lesser complexity when connecting data centres, while providing a solution for supporting long-term global growth.
With the right SDN provider, an organisation can order and provision connectivity services seamlessly across more than 220 data centres, all from a single platform.
It gives the business freedom to choose where they want to locate across the globe, removing geographic limitations and enabling them to bring their applications and services closer to users.
Unlike the traditional approach to DCI or a closed DCI ecosystem, SDN fabric enables an organisation to use a self-service platform to interconnect with flexibility and programmability, wherever they need to go.
The business outcomes are simple. Organisations gain:
  • Freedom to grow anywhere
  • Flexibility, scalability and adaptability
  • Control and optimisation of your ecosystem
  • Greater cost-efficiency in the long run
  • On-demand access to data centres, CSPs and IXs
  • End-to-end transparency, visibility and monitoring
  • Agility to support future growth

We are always working to innovate to bring our customers and partners world-class connectivity solutions that help them solve their business challenges.

Get in contact with us to find out more about how we can help you thrive in the ever-changing digital landscape.

If you’d like to learn more about how SDN is changing DCI and how simple it is to build scalable and cloud-centric DCI ecosystem, download and read our white paper.

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