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Asia Pacific is a high potential market with increasingly connected users. Across the region, there has been a strong uptake in mobile subscriptions (+3%) and growth in internet users (10%) according to the Global Digital 2019 report. This upsurge seems correlated with the rapid growth of data centre and cloud adoption in the region, most evident in technology and innovation hubs like Singapore and Hong Kong.

Demand for connectivity will continue to grow as Asian businesses expand within and outside of their home countries. Data centres are going to be become bigger, both in size and power, triggered by bandwidth-hungry applications and services. At the same time, these data centres will be even more interconnected, allowing businesses to scale their IT infrastructure globally.

Grow with Interconnectivity

Businesses across the Asia Pacific are primed to enter a new era of technological boom. The increased use of Cloud-based services, big data analytics and the Internet of Things (IoT) will create new efficiencies and open up opportunities beyond the region. These are the driving factors for data centre interconnection (DCI) to meet demand for more bandwidth, capacity, and secure, efficient distribution of data traffic between data centres.
Asian businesses can look at the world differently with global interconnection instead of relying on static and siloed networks. While larger enterprises may find it easy to interconnect data centres within metro areas, it can be tricky when connecting inter-regionally or into unique markets. Geographical challenges include, difficulty in connecting various markets to one another and delivering consistent user experience regardless of the location.
Today, enterprises can leverage on a data centre operator or service provider’s network to interconnect data centres through a single connection. There is no shortage of options with interconnection services offered by data centre operators and network service providers like Epsilon. The key is choosing the right one that will best serve your business needs.
Interconnect Data Centres through an SDN fabric
DCI is essentially an ethernet service delivering connectivity between data centres on a network. However, its potential is unleashed by the power of Software-Defined Networking (SDN). SDN allows the network service to be more programmable, highly scalable and, in some circumstances, more cost-efficient.
An SDN platform, like Infiny, simplifies the process of interconnecting data centres. It can be used to instantly create a virtual private connection to your preferred data centre with scalable bandwidth. Such SDN fabric links a vast global ecosystem of data centres, Cloud services, Internet Exchange Points (IXP) and service providers’ networks. It is an extremely easy way for businesses to access the resources they need and interconnect anywhere around the world.
Delivered via a platform, there is no need to lease a colocation space to connect to other data centres or networks. This further lowers the cost of entry and long-term operational expenditure (OPEX).
A Jakarta-based company looking to expand its operations into China, Australia or even as far as South Africa can now establish multiple network connections to interconnected data centres within minutes. With an on-demand connectivity model, it can pay for the network services they need without incurring unnecessary charges for unused capacity.
Asian businesses have to understand the advantages of interconnecting through an SDN fabric, mainly because hybrid cloud is becoming the preferred enterprise architecture. DCI can give enterprises the agility, scalability and efficiency in managing IT resources, Cloud-based applications and ensure business continuity.
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