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At Epsilon, we have made it our mission to make global connectivity simple. We have a long track record of finding innovative solutions that remove the complexity from connecting locally, regionally and around the world. With the arrival of Telco 3.0, we’re still focused on simplicity but are finding new ways to deliver for customers.

Our goal is to deliver global connectivity and services on demand via automation, portals and APIs to and through multiple segments and channels. While these technologies and models might be new we’ve been on this journey towards Telco 3.0 from day one.
Epsilon was launched in 2003 with the goal of making connectivity simpler and easier for our service provider customers. Over the years that has meant different things but we’ve stayed focused on giving customers simple and flexible services that support their growth.
Beginning with interconnection for voice, Epsilon grew into a global business dedicated to finding new ways to connect customers and drive their success. We filled a gap in the market for customers who wanted a simple connectivity solution that could reduce lead times, remove risk from the commercial framework and provide a high level of customer service satisfaction.
Our business grew steadily and built over 45 Points of Presence across Europe then expanded globally to serve demand for its solutions. We developed virtual hubs for colocation and interconnection and developed an eCommerce solution for global connectivity that would eventually evolve into our CloudLX Cloud connectivity platform.
The emergence of the Cloud fit naturally with Epsilon’s approach and it quickly adapted its unique model to deliver Cloud enablement. Today we are using our simple and efficient approach to connectivity to support our customer’s Digital Transformation and accelerate Cloud adoption.
We have taken our history of disruption and evolved our business from a regional wholesale carrier to Platform as a Service (PaaS) provider supporting the most innovative applications and services around the world. Our next wave of innovation will come in the form of APIs that plug into existing customer platforms and deliver high performance global networking on demand.
Our model has always had very clear objectives and as our market becomes more complex we are prepared to serve new and unique demands in networking. While some players find the market challenging, we see a growing opportunity for networking to take new forms and become a driver for new innovation.
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