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China has established itself as a world leader in many industries, including manufacturing, telecommunications and, more recently, digital and cloud services.

With a population of almost 1.4 billion, China is an attractive market for companies who wish to set up presence or offer their services locally. Many international businesses, particularly in the tech industry, have begun to build a Chinese presence.

However, as organisations around the world look to establish a foothold in China, several hurdles can hinder their progress. Setting up operations inside China has become reasonably straightforward, but connecting in and out of the country is much more difficult.

Due to strictly enforced regulations on network traffic in and out of China, gaining functional access can be complicated and labour-intensive. This poses a significant business challenge for organisations with operations both inside and outside of China.

The Challenge of Connecting into China

Many overseas firms have taken advantage of loosened foreign ownership limits in China. Some are betting on the increase in Chinese consumer demands. More recently, it has been reported that China’s foreign direct investment (FDI) has surpassed the United States. China recorded an inflow of $163bn compared to the United States’ $134bn despite the pandemic.

Integrating business operations across the globe — not just in China — is an obvious need. This includes interconnecting data centres, clouds and satellite offices. The mission critical connectivity that powers these services and application is essential for cloud first businesses in China.

Connecting into China is far from easy. While there are many desirable markets to target, capitalising on these opportunities is complicated by language barriers, public Internet blackouts and trading regulations.

Even with growing investments, network traffic in and out of China remains limited to a few routing paths. The country’s link to the rest of the world, other than through Hong Kong, is routed through Japan or Taiwan.
For smaller organisations, it can be difficult to get network connectivity into the Chinese markets — one that can prove insurmountable. For multinational corporations, strictly enforced regulations complicate the management of transcontinental WANs and cloud environments.
To provision interconnect with data centres or access cloud services inside China, an organisation must:
  • Seek permission from the Chinese government and submit to numerous checks.
  • Arrange and manage partnerships with one or more connectivity providers both inside and outside the country.
  • Provide regular reports and reconcile connections and traffic sent each month.

This process places a considerable burden on organisations with current or planned operations in China. The lack of efficient and scalable connectivity leads to spending more time and resources, diminishing the results from new business opportunities.

Easy Access to the Chinese Market

Epsilon has partnered with DCConnect to provide a better solution for connecting into China. Through the Infiny platform, organisations can buy network services and connect into Chinese markets with ease. Infiny enables connectivity into over 180+ points of presence (PoPs) across Mainland China and Hong Kong.

Epsilon is an early leader in federated partnerships, building connected ecosystem and technical partnerships. By forging partnerships with key network service providers around the world, our customers can get end-to-end connectivity — even into hard-to-reach markets— through a single, streamlined model.

With this approach, organisations get on-demand access to the global connectivity they need. They do not have to juggle multiple providers or manage their own individual partnerships.

Your Gateway to Chinese Markets

DCConnect is the only source of on-demand networking capacity inside Mainland China. It provides the fastest and most efficient route to send outbound traffic from inside China.

Through Infiny, customers can connect directly to DCConnect’s infrastructure with network visibility, security and other value-added features. With a mutual Network-to-Network Interface (NNI) in Hong Kong, users of Infiny can instantly provision interconnection in and out of China.

We make it simple for you to interconnect data centres and cloud service providers across the major Chinese business hubs. No other provider offers equivalent access to the Chinese markets with unparalleled visibility and control of global on-demand connectivity.

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