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Digital transformation in the Cloud has changed the face of data centres. With the growing demand for digital applications, businesses are forced to recreate their data centre strategy; replacing legacy infrastructure that is slow, expensive and unscalable. In short, traditional data centres might no longer be relevant in the near future with Gartner predicting that 80% of enterprises will have shut down their traditional data centres by 2025.

In this shifting digital landscape, colocation data centres have become an attractive option in terms of cost-efficiency and flexibility. Businesses enjoy high availability with 99.999% uptime in a secure data centre environment without having to worry about heavy CAPEX investment.

Furthermore, the expectations of data centres today are no longer just fancy facilities to host equipment for data storage, business applications or backup and recovery. Rapid cloud adoption and increasing global connectivity amongst users and businesses are transforming the role of data centres to become global Cloud and Interconnect hubs. With an ecosystem of enterprises, network operators, Cloud Service Providers (CSP) and access to other interconnected data centres, businesses are getting more out of the colocation facility.

At Epsilon, we have built our data centres as global hubs for interconnecting between data centres and accessing the Cloud. Strategically located in Singapore, London, New York and Hong Kong, our colocation data centres enable you to host your services in a resilient and highly secure environment.
But more importantly, our trusted carrier-neutral facilities offer our partners the assurance of a secure and resilient hosting environment, as well as the power of choice for connectivity through a mesh network of high-density, interconnect ecosystem of Carriers, CSPs and Internet Exchange Points (IXPs).
We also provide a network stretching to over 220 leading data centres enabling you to connect locally, regionally and across the globe.
Planning data centre connectivity for the next two to three years can be a challenging task. The maturation of cloud services and overall changes in the cloud, content and communications market, make it difficult to gauge long-term growth in bandwidth demand. At Epsilon, we understand this and through our award-winning SDN platform Infiny by Epsilon, we make it simple to connect and deploy applications and services with the flexibility to scale up or down your network services from any of our colocation facilities.
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