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With the growing demand for cloud service, online content and applications, organisations are challenged to deliver exceptional digital experiences to their end users. To achieve this, organisations must bring their end users closer to the point where content and services are delivered. This can be accomplished through peering at an internet exchange.

Moratelindo (PT Mora Telematika Indonesia Tbk), a leading Indonesian telecommunications provider, partnered with Epsilon to expand its global reach and enhance content delivery for its customers. Through Epsilon’s NaaS platform, Infiny, Moratelindo was able to connect to a global ecosystem of Internet Exchanges (IXs) via Remote Peering, on demand. In addition, Remote Peering allows them to peer without the need for additional infrastructure investment and physical presence in various countries.

Going Global with Remote Peering

Access global internet exchanges on-demand through a single interconnection port.
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Pioneering Telecommunications in Indonesia

Moratelindo, was established in 2000 and is one of the largest telecommunications infrastructure and network providers in Indonesia. The company offers a range of telecommunications services including cables, internet service provision, internet and cloud interconnection services, and data centres . It aims to deliver excellence amidst technological advancements and consistently innovates its product offerings to meet the dynamic needs of its customers.


Expanding Moratelindo's Global Network Reach

Moratelindo’s goal was to extend its network reach beyond Indonesia and improve content and application performance globally, particularly in regions like the U.S., Europe, Hong Kong, and Japan, where its customers demanded seamless and uninterrupted connectivity.


Navigating Global Expansion Challenges

Moratelindo’s primary obstacle was the complexity associated with establishing a presence at multiple global Internet Exchanges (IXs). Beside the extensive infrastructure costs in each peering location, it also has to face the complexity of managing various IX memberships, navigating onboarding processes, addressing legal matters, managing billing, and more.


Redefine Connectivity with Remote Peering

Epsilon’s Remote Peering solution, available through its Infiny platform, provided Moratelindo with on-demand access to global internet exchange points. This enabled Moratelindo to connect to IXs such as Any2Exchange in the U.S., AMS-IX in Europe, HK-IX in Hong Kong, and JP-IX in Japan with minimal upfront investments as well as bringing content closer to end users with reduced latency. Additionally, Epsilon has established a 100G network-to-network interface (NNI) with Moratelindo, enabling its customers to access a broader network via Epsilon’s backbone infrastructure. This eliminates the need for Moratelindo to invest in  costly international private leased circuit (IPLC) connections.

The partnership with Epsilon has also positioned Moratelindo to enhance its Network Interconnect and Content Autonomous (MoNICA) neutral Internet Exchange, providing connectivity to a wider pool of international IXs for domestic and international telecommunications operators, Internet service providers, content providers, and games providers.

Working with Moratelindo has been incredibly rewarding. Our Remote Peering solution has empowered them to expand their reach and enhance their service offerings without the complexities of traditional networking. By providing Moratelindo with on-demand access to global internet exchange points and eliminating the need for costly IPLC connections, we've helped them achieve cost efficiencies while improving their network performance. We're excited to continue supporting Moratelindo in their journey to drive the Indonesian telecommunications industry forward.

Warren AwChief Commercial Officer, APAC, Epsilon

Our partnership with Epsilon has revolutionised our global connectivity, enabling us to deliver exceptional digital experiences to our customers with ease. Epsilon's Remote Peering solution has not only expanded our network reach beyond Indonesia but has also improved content and application performance globally. This has been crucial in meeting the demands of our customers for seamless connectivity, particularly in regions like the U.S., Europe, Hong Kong, and Japan.

Michael McPhailChief Technology Officer, Moratelindo

Global Connectivity

Instant access to global exchanges.

Cost Efficiency

Avoid costly hardware and colocation cost.

Enhanced Performance

Improved content delivery globally.

Simplified Management

Easy scalability and expansion.

The Future

Epsilon’s Infiny platform offers Moratelindo with access to an evolving partner ecosystem including 140+ on-ramp locations and 20+ IX partners. It enables Moratelindo to seamlessly integrate additional IX partners into MoNICA via a single interconnection port. This partnership has simplified Moratelindo’s ability to scale bandwidth according to demands and expand into new markets.

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