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Remote Peering

Expand Your Coverage to Europe and Asia in Minutes

Add Remote Peering into your connectivity strategy to enhance cost efficiency, optimise latency, and broaden your global presence through Epsilon’s extensive network of IX partners.

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Diverse IX Partners Around the World

Enhance your global connectivity coverage by peering at your desired on-ramp locations of leading Internet Exchanges with a single interconnect, powered by our carrier-grade global backbone.

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Enter New Markets with Ease

Gain access to a network of over 11,000 peering members across the world to strengthen your network’s reach and reliability with just a single interconnect.

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Extended Global Presence

Expand your global reach effortlessly by accessing a network of 11,000+ peering members across our network of IX partners, without the need for a physical presence at all the IXPs.

On-demand Peering

Instantly interconnect across multiple IXPs within Asia and Europe remotely in minutes with Infiny, and effortlessly scale your bandwidth as needed.

Enhanced Network Performance

Experience reduced network latency with fewer hops between service providers, resulting in optimised user experiences.

Single Interconnection Port

With just one access port, seamlessly connect to multiple IXs in key global hubs and beyond. Your ASN will be represented at the IXP as if you were physically present.

Cost-effective Connectivity

Minimise costs by eliminating the need for additional equipment or infrastructure to interconnect with IXPs and pay only for the bandwidth utilised.

Efficient Operations

Simplify your operations by allowing us to take care of your IX memberships and onboarding processes. Enjoy the convenience of consolidating your connectivity, peering services, and membership into a single contract.

Remote Peering vs. IP Transit: Find the Right Fit for Your Network

Peering and IP Transit both enable network interconnections and traffic exchange, but differ in connectivity methods, cost structures, and level of network control. Explore the distinction between both approaches in our eBook and discover the ideal solution tailored to your unique network requirements.

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Easy On-demand Provisioning

Connecting to multiple IX locations around the world is made easy via our Software-Defined Networking (SDN) technology. With Infiny, our award-winning platform, you can instantly provision, manage, and monitor your connectivity to Internet Exchanges with unparalleled ease and convenience.


Create an account and log into your Infiny account for on‑demand provisioning


Select the port location and bandwidth required to connect to your desired IX partner


Enjoy the flexibility of a month-to-month subscription, or contracts ranging up to 36 months


Connecting LATAM Users To Europe With Remote Peering

“Our partnership with Epsilon is helping us to manage the surging internet bandwidth and usage in the region. We are seeing huge demand from online gaming and other applications such as video streaming. Remote peering enables us to connect our customers closer to where these services are hosted for the best digital experience. With a single interconnect , we have instant access to a whole ecosystem of internet exchange points across the globe and can adapt our connectivity to match local demand. Infiny is an easy to use platform and powerful enabler for connecting our customers to global destinations.”

Jaime Giraldo

Chief New Markets Officer, InterNexa

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