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InterNexa, a leading connectivity infrastructure and ICT solutions provider, partnered with Epsilon to meet growing traffic demands. It uses Epsilon’s Remote Peering to access LINX in London and AMS-IX in Amsterdam from Miami through its network. Epsilon’s Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) platform, Infiny makes the management of multiple connections simple.

With access to the leading internet exchanges (IX), InterNexa can now connect their customers in South America closer to where their services and end users are for the best performance.

Global Peering, Delivered to You

Gain on-demand access to the world's leading internet exchanges through a single provider.
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Leading Connectivity Infrastructure and ICT Solutions Provider in Latin America

Founded in 2000, InterNexa has grown to be a leading connectivity infrastructure and ICT solutions provider in Latin America. They have been accelerating the development of digital businesses and enabling them to achieve their growth goals.
InterNexa is part of ISA, one of the 10 most important business groups in Latin America. They have presence in 8 countries, 4 businesses, 33 affiliated companies and subsidiaries and more than 3,800 employees. The company solves the business challenges of its clients with reliable, flexible and solid solutions from the digital world.


To Extend Customers' Reach to European Markets with Seamless Connectivity

InterNexa provides connectivity, cloud, data centre, security and management solutions for its customers across Colombia, Brazil, Peru, Argentina and Chile. It aims to help its customers to digitally transform and grow their operations with a suite of solutions and support.
InterNexa’s customers include carriers, internet service provides (ISPs), Over-The-Top (OTT) providers, and enterprises across segments such as education and technology. The solutions provider saw an opportunity to support more of its customers’ needs. Also, to extend reach with seamless connectivity to European markets, where demand was rising.


Supporting Seamless User Experience for Gaming and Video Streaming Services in Europe

InterNexa was seeing a huge surge in traffic demands due to the pandemic in 2020, particularly for gaming and video streaming services in Europe. It needed to support its customers’ needs in delivering a seamless end user experience when connecting to Europe. However, they faced the challenge of extending reach to key European markets without having the relationship with the local ISPs and the lack of network infrastructure.

Building this connectivity itself would be expensive and complex without the right expertise and relationships. InterNexa needed a fast and simple way to extend its connectivity to Europe and keep up with the rising traffic demands. Otherwise, it risked losing out to competitors that could offer similar solutions and better connectivity to European markets.


Remote Peering Delivered via Infiny

InterNexa partnered with Epsilon to utilise its Remote Peering solution, delivered through NaaS platform, Infiny. InterNexa uses Remote Peering to gain access from the NAP of the Americas (MI1) in Miami, directly to LINX in London and AMS-IX in Amsterdam.
Interconnected via Epsilon’s private network, InterNexa enjoys high-performance and secure connectivity to the world’s leading IXs. It can now peer with local content delivery networks (CDN), ISPs and other service providers across Europe. Bandwidth capacity is procured and managed using Infiny with complete visibility and control of the network performance
InterNexa can now also freely interconnect over a network fabric covering over 250 data centres globally with on-ramps to the major cloud service providers, IXs and other networks globally. It has the flexibility to choose to provide its own cross connect or have Epsilon to manage end-to-end for greater efficiency.
This interconnection enables InterNexa to meet the growing traffic demands and strengthen its global reach with presence in key hubs across Europe. Organisations across South America can now choose InterNexa to efficiently connect to European markets.

South America has some of the most dynamic and fastest growing markets in the world. Our work with InterNexa will enable more local users to benefit from an optimised network experience when deploying their applications and services. Our vision with Infiny is aligned with InterNexa’s focus on helping South American businesses to digitally transform. With on-demand connectivity, it can continue to scale up efficiently and serve more customers across the region.

Michel RobertChief Executive Officer, Epsilon

Our partnership with Epsilon is helping us to manage the surging internet bandwidth and usage in the region. We are seeing huge demand from online gaming and other applications such as video streaming. Remote peering enables us to connect our customers closer to where these services are hosted for the best digital experience. With a single interconnect , we have instant access to a whole ecosystem of internet exchange points across the globe and can adapt our connectivity to match local demand. Infiny is an easy to use platform and powerful enabler for connecting our customers to global destinations.

Jaime GiraldoChief New Markets Officer, InterNexa

Connect Multiple IXs

Leverage our long-standing relationships with the leading IXs

No Physical Presence

Enter new markets less physical infrastructure costs

Efficient Delivery

Low latency and low jitter connections with guaranteed throughput

Single Provider

Remove complexity and streamline your connectivity with a single contact

The Future

Infiny provides InterNexa with access to an evolving partner ecosystem with connectivity to new markets, capabilities, and solutions. By partnering with Epsilon, InterNexa benefits from a partner dedicated to its success, with consistent ongoing support into the future.

InterNexa can remain competitive in the market with on-demand connectivity to key European markets for its customers. It can keep up with traffic surges from gaming and streaming services, ensuring an optimised user experience with low latency, low jitter connections.

Epsilon’s Remote Peering solution provides the flexibility for InterNexa to scale its capacity whenever the demand changes. It can extend its reach and capabilities to other markets without adding complexity to its operations. This allows the solutions provider to continue supporting and accelerating its customers’ digital transformation across South America.

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