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With traditional network architectures struggling to cope with today’s cloud-oriented environment, SD-WAN has become more popular than ever. It offers connectivity and security capabilities to protect remote branches, users, devices and cloud applications from cyber threats, as well as dynamic management for enterprises to improve employee and customer experience.

According to a forecast by Omdia, the SD-WAN market is expected to surpass $4 billion by 2025. It is a huge opportunity with a multitude of use cases across verticals. In the manufacturing sector, it helps companies to meet evolving IT demands by making connectivity simple across different manufacturing plants and offices.

Belton Technology Group partnered with Epsilon to leverage its SD-WAN to gain a cost effective, highly available and flexible data communication network between its offices in mainland China, Hong Kong, The Philippines and Thailand and manufacturing plants, in order to cope with surging business growth. SD-WAN provides significant performance increase for Belton Technology, without sacrificing security. As a geographically dispersed organisation, SD-WAN plays a pivotal role in the transformation of Belton Technology’s operations, by lowering capital and operational costs, enhancing cloud connectivity, and providing the best experience for employees and customers alike.

Architect a Powerful, Enterprise Class SD-WAN Infrastructure

The Epsilon SD-WAN solution enables enterprises to build a modern WAN architecture that drives maximum value from their cloud and digital investments.
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Vertically Integrated Solution for Manufacturing Services

Belton Technology Group was established in 1988 and is headquartered in Hong Kong with eight office locations across countries. It is ISO 9001, 14001, QS9000 certified, with UL listed components, and is a full turnkey contract manufacturer. From customers’ design to complete product build and solution, it provides a vertically integrated “one-stop-shop” solution with full turnkey design and manufacturing services.


Becoming a World-Class Manufacturer for ODM and OEM Solutions

Belton Technology Group is focused on being a world-class manufacturer providing integrated Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) and Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) solutions for its customers.

Belton Technology saw the opportunity to adopt SD-WAN to match customer and company demands, and improve connectivity between manufacturing plants and its offices. The move would help to deliver its services seamlessly across the seven countries it serves with greater performance, security and efficiency.


Re-architecture of the WAN Network to Improve Network Between Manufacturing Plants and Offices in Asia

Belton Technology needed a complete re-architecture of its WAN network, moving from its current legacy MPLS WAN to SD-WAN. Belton Technology needed to improve its IT strategy in order to keep up with customer demands and improve the network between manufacturing plants and its offices in mainland China, Hong Kong, the Philippines and Thailand. Belton Technology found that traditional MPLS is dependent on the PoP in the country where its offices are located, which is inflexible and causes a long implementation phase for new services.

The MPLS service was used across HQ and eight offices, so Belton Technology needed a more flexible and hassle-free solution for migrating to SD-WAN.


Moving from Legacy MPLS to SD-WAN

Belton Technology partnered with Epsilon to completely re-architect its legacy WAN and replace MPLS with SD-WAN, in order to fully transform its connectivity across their business footprint. With MPLS usage dropping by a market-changing 24% between 2018 and 2020 according to TeleGeography, and 43% of enterprises having installed SD-WAN by 2020, Belton Technology needed to move with the trends and update its network infrastructure to stay competitive.

Epsilon’s SD-WAN solution provides a modern WAN architecture that can drive maximum value from cloud and digital investments. Belton Technology stays cost efficient by investing in a solution that provides all the tools and expertise required, without the need to hire specialists in-house.

Epsilon’s SD-WAN enables an enhanced digital experience with interconnection across the entire network and full control over routing and security services, with support for cloud-based applications and services.

Our SD-WAN solution unleashes the full potential of on-demand connectivity. It enables Belton Technology to support new ICT innovations with a WAN that is elastic and built to scale as the business grows. It’s been great to work together with Belton Technology to evolve its legacy WAN and provide a cost-effective, secure and high-performance network that meets its changing business needs.

Warren AwManaging Director, Asia Pacific, Epsilon

Partnering with Epsilon and introducing SD-WAN to our business is an important step forward in our roadmap. We can seamlessly expand as a business with high-performance connectivity between manufacturing plants and our offices in mainland China, Hong Kong, Thailand and the Philippines, and better serve our customers in these areas. We have been impressed with Epsilon’s customer service and support throughout our journey. Our account manager is very supportive, and the pre-sales team had the skills and expertise to provide the exact solution we were looking for. Epsilon has played a key role in enabling us to take the next step forward on our journey.

Clement LukIT Manager, Belton Technology Group

Deployment Speed

Quick Time to Market

Centrally Managed

WAN Optimisation and Security Features

Full Visibility

Take Control of your Network

Trusted Networking

Carrier-Grade MEF-certified Network

The Future

Epsilon’s SD-WAN solution enables Belton Technology to digitally transform its operations and better connect between manufacturing plants and its offices. It can seamlessly expand its network capabilities with a single platform and minimise its dependence on local and global carriers, with expert support end-to-end.

Belton Technology can further evolve its capabilities with a seamless and responsive network that will support new opportunities in the future. SD-WAN provides the foundation and bandwidth needed to adopt cloud applications and implement IoT in manufacturing plants for further operational efficiency. With Epsilon as a partner, Belton Technology can drive its business forward into the new era of manufacturing.

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