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Epsilon’s Enterprise Connect solution gives FastIraq access to global enterprise locations in major financial centres across Europe

Iraqi fibre network operator, FastIraq and Epsilon are connecting Iraq to Europe and giving local enterprises efficient access to global connectivity.
FastIraq has been developing fibre infrastructure in Iraq since 2009 with cross-border connectivity to Jordan, Turkey, Kuwait and the Submarine Cable Systems at Al Faw Cable Landing Station. As the Iraqi economy continues to grow, there is increasing demand for robust telecoms infrastructure coming from oil and gas, and government sectors. To serve this demand, FastIraq needed an agile and efficient way to increase its network reach beyond Iraq’s borders without drawing resource away from the development of its local business.
The simplest and fastest way to connect around the world was to outsource its international connectivity to Epsilon and use its expertise to connect local buildings in Iraq to the financial centres of Europe. FastIraq can serve local demand for connectivity with global reach without the need to build out an international procurement team and put individual agreements in place. Epsilon provides the expertise it needs in global capacity procurement so it can focus on developing fibre networks in Iraq.



The Iraqi market is hungry for local infrastructure investment with enterprise customers demanding connectivity between their operations in Iraq and offices abroad. The combination of demand for local infrastructure and global reach meant FastIraq needed a unique solution. It is committed to developing local fibre networks but could not ignore the need for global connectivity. The challenge was to find a solution that would allow it to continue to invest in infrastructure in Iraq without needing to allocate resource to international development. The cost and resource it would take to sign international agreements and manage multiple carrier relationships would take investment and time that was better allocated to its operations in Iraq. It also needed expertise in last-mile connectivity in major financial centres in Europe. As experts in the Iraqi telecoms market, FastIraq would need to get up to speed on the local access market in Europe and develop a working knowledge of a market outside of its core operation. Beyond the business development challenges, FastIraq needed a solution that would future-proof its operation and ensure that it had the agility to reach new locations and scale its business as it grows.


Epsilon provided FastIraq with a simple, efficient and effective way to outsource its international connectivity and last-mile access in Europe. It has delivered local access from sites in Iraq to buildings in London and Frankfurt as well as international private leased circuits via its global platform. Its Enterprise Connect solution offers an outsourced alternative for last-mile connectivity globally that includes quoting, ordering and provisioning networks as well as service management and billing. Using an outsourced model, Epsilon has simplified FastIraq’s international capacity procurement processes and streamlined its access to last mile connectivity around the world. This removes the need for FastIraq to secure its own agreements with multiple network operators and has the added flexibility and capability to extend its network to more than 170 countries where Epsilon has local agreements in place. As FastIraq’s business grows and develops it can seamlessly interconnect with the more than 600 pre-connected network operators on Epsilon’s Global Network Exchange. It also allows return business revenue into Iraq from such operators. Its international network is flexible, agile and scalable with the simplicity of a single source for its connectivity needs.

Iraq is a challenging market and when we see an opportunity to improve efficiency and expand capabilities without adding complexity, we pursue it. Enterprise Connect was the simplest and most effective solution for extending our reach and giving our customers the connectivity they need. The outsourcing model is a great match for us because it allows us to focus on developing our local business while gaining the support of a trusted partner like Epsilon.

Timothy MooreCEO at FastIraq


  • A Complete Solution
    FastIraq has one source for provisioning, billing and management for its global network needs
  • Efficiency
    Epsilon has all the trusted relationships and agreements in place offering seamless connectivity to operators around the world
  • Flexibility
    FastIraq can change and develop its global infrastructure as its business grows and develops without being tied to technologies or rigid service provider contracts
  • Scalability
    As demand for capacity grows, Epsilon can scale the network to meet the needs of the customer without needing new investments or complex procurement processes
  • Agility
    600+ operators are pre-connected on Epsilon’s Global Network Exchange allowing for efficient provisioning and shortened lead times
  • Carrier Neutral
    Enterprise Connect is built to serve the carrier community without competing in the enterprise space

The last-mile can be a challenge for operators and that is why we have made it our mission to simplify the access network and give our customers a solution that helps them meet their business objectives. FastIraq has been able to use Enterprise Connect to offer its Iraqi business and government customers last-mile access in locations that are vital to their organisations. This increases its opportunities to sell services to its customers, creates stickiness and adds capabilities to its portfolio.

Jerzy SzlosarekCEO at Epsilon


Iraq is in a strategic position connecting the Middle East to Europe and as FastIraq’s business grows it can grow its international capacity via Epsilon’s Global Network Exchange. The network can scale to meet increased demand in the coming years. As Epsilon manages FastIraq’s international gateway it will function as an extension of the Epsilon network in Iraq. FastIraq has the ability to provide local access termination for Epsilon within a notoriously hard to reach country, opening up the local market to those utilising the Epsilon exchange. Epsilon can connect its customers in Iraq and develop their businesses in the country.

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