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The communications affiliate of LG Corporation serves enterprise demand in Asia, Africa and the Middle East with Enterprise Connect.

LG Uplus, the mobile and fixed service provider affiliate of the LG Corporation, outsourced local access needs across three regions to drive new efficiency and better serve its enterprise customers. Headquartered in South Korea, it delivers ICT solutions around the globe and has specific requirements for network performance.

As its enterprise customers enter new and challenging markets, LG Uplus needed a way to deliver local access in disparate markets while being cost-efficient and assured of quality. It selected Epsilon Enterprise Connect solution because it was not limited by geography, technology or scale. LG Uplus was able to outsource its connectivity requirements in selected markets with confidence in Epsilon’s ability to be a long-term partner in serving its enterprise needs.

Epsilon gives LG Uplus’ enterprise customers’ connectivity wherever they need it and is ready to grow with their businesses in new and existing markets. It simplifies the procurement process, which benefits LG Uplus’ cost base while future-proofing their network service offering. LG Uplus can trust Epsilon to deliver on its global local access needs allowing it to focus on delivering ICT solutions for its customers.



LG Uplus serves global enterprises with a diverse set of networking needs. Many of their customers are South Korean multinational corporations (MNCs) with growing businesses in developing markets. This means LG Uplus must find, procure, manage and maintain networks in challenging markets, each with their own unique requirements and ways of operating.

While LG Uplus could go to each of these markets and develop their own relationships, it is time and resource-intensive and focuses its operation away from its core business. In addition to efficiency, it also needs to be prepared for its enterprise customers to grow into new markets or scale up. Their procurement costs are uncertain while the reliability of the network services they receive are not guaranteed.

To manage risk, create a predictive cost base and provide a better service to customers, it needed a way to offload their local access challenges while adding value for customers.


The answer for LG Uplus was to simplify its approach to regional connectivity with Epsilon. By outsourcing its access requirements, LG Uplus uses a single solution to eliminate the complexity of managing services around the globe. Epsilon offers it a single point of a contact for high-quality communications services in Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

LG Uplus’ enterprise customers have complete transparency into the relationship between LG Uplus and Epsilon with both companies engaged in joint project planning to ensure that the specific needs of each enterprise are met. In this way, Epsilon is able to support LG Uplus in delivering exceptional performance and quality of service to its customers no matter the market.

Epsilon solves local access challenges for service providers around the globe, leveraging Epsilon’s more than 600 carrier relationships. It gives service providers the ability to serve enterprise needs from PoP-to-PoP and building-to-building.

LG Uplus has taken advantage of the scale and reach of Epsilon to simplify local access across multiple markets and locations. From the Asia to the Middle East, we are able to offer enterprise solutions that support our customers as they deliver the most advanced ICT solution in the market. We give them a foundation that they can use to offer customers high-quality services anywhere in the world.

Jerzy SzlosarekCEO at Epsilon


  • Reach
    Epsilon offers LG Uplus enterprise connectivity solutions in Asia, Africa and the Middle East
  • Simplicity
    LG Uplus has a single solution and one point of contact for its local access needs
  • Scalability
    As LG Uplus’ enterprise customers grow, Epsilon is ready to scale up to serve their capacity demands
  • Agility
    With carriers pre-connected to its exchange, Epsilon can turn- up services quickly, decreasing time-to-market for service providers and making service delivery fast for enterprises
  • Flexibility
    When LG Uplus’ enterprise customers enter new markets, Epsilon is ready to serve their needs
  • Future-Proof
    Epsilon gives LG Uplus the freedom to grow, develop and adapt to new technologies, services and capacity demands

LG Uplus believes in the strength of its partners to add value to its operation and better serve its customers. Epsilon is an ideal solution for meeting our enterprise customers’ needs because it is flexible and built for supporting long-term growth. We see a tremendous opportunity in working with Epsilon and developing a relationship that helps us to deliver the highest quality ICT solutions for our enterprise customers. We believe in the model.

JS ChoiGeneral Manager, International Data Business at LG Uplus


LG Uplus and Epsilon will continue to build their outsourcing relationship and jointly work on network planning for LG Uplus’ enterprise customers. As LG Uplus’ enterprise customers enter new markets, Epsilon is ready to support them with a range of outsourced network services.

It supports International Private Leased Circuit, Ethernet Private Line, Direct Internet Access and IP-VPN services. The Epsilon Global Network Exchange has 600+ network operators pre-connected and is used to create tailor-made solutions for service providers globally.

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