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The digitalisation of film and media has changed how people consume content. In the same way, it has also transformed the way media companies work in post-production and distribution.

Phenomen Berlin Filmproduktion, a post-production company based in Berlin as part of the wider Phenomen Films group with presence in Moscow, Kharkov and Kiev, selected Epsilon’s colocation facilities to host its servers as part of DAU – a multidisciplinary project at the intersection of cinema, art and anthropology. Its archive holds 700 hours of raw footage shot for the project, since transformed into 13 feature films and three television series.

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Bringing Cinematic Projects to Life

Phenomen Berlin Filmproduktion was founded in 2010, however the wider Phenomen Films group was founded in Russia in 2005.
Founded by Russian film director Ilya Khrzhanovsky, Phenomen Films is best known for the DAU project. DAU began around 2005, and became one of the most expansive, complex, and all-encompassing cinematic projects ever attempted.
Shot at various sites in Azerbaijan, Russia, Ukraine, Germany, United Kingdom and Denmark, most of the film was shot on a specially constructed set called “The Institute” in Kharkiv, Ukraine. The Institute was the largest film set in Europe at 12,000 m2 – a dynamic reconstruction of a restricted-access Soviet research facility in 1938-1968, located in Moscow.


To Provide Viewers with an Immersive Experience Across Multiple Channels

Phenomen Films and its DAU project aim to provide viewers with an immersive experience, with an interesting and raw insight into what life may have been like in a Soviet Institute. The post-production process is ongoing, with DAU having already come to life as a multi-sensory exhibition in Paris, whereby visitors were required to hand in their mobile phones to fully immerse themselves in the experience.

On top of this, the first feature film “DAU. Natasha” premiered at the 2020 Berlin International Film Festival and won the second highest prize – the Silver Bear award for an Outstanding Artistic Contribution. Moving forward, Phenomen Films is bringing the DAU project online. Combining film, science, performance, spirituality, social and artistic experimentation, literature and architecture, Phenomen Films aims to immerse viewers across the globe with DAU’s online platform.


Securing their Media Assets for Post-Production

Phenomen Films unexpectedly needed to move its servers from its London office elsewhere. The company needed a scalable and secure environment that could support its growing archive of footage in the long-term.

It required a flexible solution to remotely access its servers from various devices across the globe whenever needed for post-production processes. It had to ensure DAU’s online platform could stay up and running, minimising downtime for users and optimising user experience across the globe.


Highly Secure and Interconnected Colocation Facilities

Phenomen Films partnered with Epsilon to utilise its highly secure and interconnected colocation facilities. It selected Epsilon’s London facility to host its servers, with a rapid turnaround to meet their immediate requirements.
Epsilon’s colocation services help to safeguard Phenomen Films’ data with leading security and operational reliability. Epsilon is supporting its digitalisation and the increasing need for connectivity. With Epsilon’s global network fabric, Phenomen Films also benefits from instant access to new and existing networks, clouds, internet exchanges and business partners around the world. It can bring DAU to new places by digitally transforming its operations with highly connected infrastructure.
Epsilon’s trusted carrier-neutral facility offers Phenomen Films a resilient hosting environment. With flexible colocation options, ranging from customisable private suites and cages to fractional and full rack-space, power and cooling, Phenomen Films can ensure maximum uptime and user experience with round-the-clock maintenance and monitoring.
The team at Epsilon’s London colocation facility were at hand to help with physically moving the servers, as well as offering expert advice in terms of storage, security and connectivity options. Phenomen Films was able to optimise the performance of the DAU online platform and ensure users across the globe could enjoy the immersive experience of DAU supported by high-performance connectivity.
Phenomen Films can easily deploy, host, connect and manage its network on an international scale, with flexible and scalable hosting. With remote hands, cross-connects and a portfolio of security and disaster recovery solutions readily available, it can host DAU online with confidence.
It also has the option of gaining additional services through Infiny, the Network as a Service (NaaS) platform with on-demand connectivity to the world’s leading data centres, clouds and internet exchanges. Phenomen Films can also use Infiny to remotely access its equipment in the colocation facility, without the need for manual registration.

We’re very excited to support Phenomen Films and be a part of successfully bringing the DAU project online. Epsilon supports all kinds of enterprises across verticals, and it’s interesting to see our solutions powering such a vast cinematic art project. London is one of the most important hubs in the world when it comes to media. We’re pleased to be supporting Phenomen Films with our secure and resilient colocation facility for its servers, so it can grow DAU online with confidence.

Simon WallerRegional Sales Director, EU, US & MEA, Epsilon

We needed a rapid turnaround when we had to quickly relocate our servers, and we were impressed by the response time from Epsilon. Within the same day of enquiring about its London facility, we had a tour of the data centre and knew it was the right one for us. The whole process was done within two days, which minimised downtime and ensured our users across the globe could continue to participate in the online world of DAU. We’re looking forward to continuing to work with Epsilon in the future to securely store our servers and expand our opportunities in the long-term.

Maksym DemydenkoHead of Post-Production & Digital, Phenomen Films

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The Future

Epsilon’s London colocation facility provides Phenomen Films with a one-stop-shop for colocation and interconnectivity services. It can continue to grow its DAU project with growing opportunities to extend its reach, as well as expand its infrastructure with highly secure hosting for peace of mind.

With Epsilon, Phenomen Films has a partner dedicated to its success, with options to benefit from additional services using the Infiny NaaS platform. The team at Phenomen Films can collaborate more effectively with low-latency, high-performance connectivity as they branch out to future projects.

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