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vXtream (formerly Qube Managed Services) is capturing new revenue streams and increasing customer satisfaction with a white-label version of Epsilon's CloudLX platform

UK-based hosting solutions provider vXtream is using a white-label Cloud connectivity solution to serve more of its customers’ Cloud needs. It has adopted Epsilon’s Cloud Link Exchange (CloudLX) Cloud connectivity platform and is using it to capture new revenue streams while increasing customer stickiness.

The white-label version of CloudLX enables vXtream to efficiently add new networking capabilities to its service portfolio and expand existing customer relationships. This increases customer loyalty, brand value and enables it to immediately monetising growing Cloud adoption.

vXtream is using a white-label model to rapidly monetise Cloud with the ability to focus on its core business and serving customers. CloudLX is supporting vXtream as it drives new revenue growth from the Cloud.


vXtream recognised the opportunity to expand its service portfolio to include Cloud connectivity. Its customers were asking for a simpler solution for both hosting and connecting their applications to the Cloud using its facilities.

The challenge was to find an efficient way to serve this new demand and offer customers a simple and consistent experience. Entering the networking market is costly and requires new skills and experience to be added to existing teams.

To serve the networking demands of customers it would need to change its business focus and invest beyond their core set of services vXtream wanted a cloud connectivity solution that could have an immediate impact on its bottom line and enhance its own service portfolio without having to enter the traditional networking market.

vXtream needed an efficient way to grow its business in the cloud connectivity market while also offering customers a one-stop shop for hosting and cloud connectivity.


vXtream adopted a white-label version of CloudLX to expand its scope while still owning customer relationships. It can offer cloud connectivity to its customers in more than 170 countries without needing to build a networking team or develop its own relationships around the globe.
As a white-label solution, vXtream can brand the CloudLX portal with its colours and logos and offer its customers direct access to world-leading Cloud service providers. The white-label version has been specifically designed to enable service providers like vXtream to add new revenue growth from the cloud while increasing customer stickiness. CloudLX enables vXtream’s customers to connect rapidly to cloud service providers like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure as well as world-leading internet exchanges.
They can adjust their cloud connectivity using a self-service model that can be accessed via any web browser, anytime and anywhere. With on-demand Ethernet, customers benefit from click-to-connect procurement as well as guaranteed Quality of Service (QoS) and Experience (QoE). The high-performance connectivity offered through white-labelled CloudLX dramatically reduces the cost and resources required to build out a cloud connectivity solution with the added value of a fully branded self-service portal.

CloudLX gives service providers of all kinds immediate access to a flexible cloud connectivity platform. They can use it to serve new customer demand and become a complete provider of cloud enablement. vXtream benefits from a white-label model that enables it to capture new business while expanding the scope of existing relationships. CloudLX makes it simple and easy to grow cloud revenue and fully monetise cloud adoption.

Jerzy SzlosarekCEO at Epsilon


  • New Revenue Streams
    CloudLX enables vXtream to rapidly monetise Cloud connectivity with an OPEX-based model
  • Increased Stickiness
    As a white-label solution, vXtream maintains control of its customer relationships while increasing customer satisfaction
  • On-demand Ethernet
    CloudLX offers vXtream on-demand connectivity to more than 170 countries globally
  • Expanded Service Portfolio
    vXtream is able to expand its Cloud portfolio to include connectivity as well as its core services
  • Seamless Integration
    vXtream is able to brand the CloudLX portal to offer its customers a seamless one-stop shop for Cloud enablement
  • Click-to-connect Provisioning
    Customers can connect to Cloud Service Providers and easily adjust their services via any browser anywhere in the world

The white-label version of CloudLX has removed the complexity from entering the cloud connectivity market. It has enabled us to monetise cloud in new ways and give our customers a reliable and consistent connectivity round the world. CloudLX supports new revenue growth and has helped us to build our brand in the cloud enablement space.



With the support of CloudLX, vXtream will be able to grow revenue from cloud connectivity in the long term. As Cloud adoption grows so does the demand for Cloud connectivity.
The continual evolution of the cloud drives sustainable revenue growth while reducing churn. Its customers will be able to rely on cloud connectivity with guaranteed QoS and QoE and in turn make further investments in cloud-based applications and services. vXtream is positioned to serve cloud demand with a comprehensive portfolio of cloud enablement services.
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