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Real-time communications are more important now than ever before, as remote workforces become the norm for many organisations, and customers demand connectivity beyond borders.

Traditional telephony can no longer move at the speed of this changing market, and modern internet and cloud-based communications are growing as a result.

According to Statista, the global unified communications & collaboration (UC&C) market grew by more than 29% in 2020 compared to 2019, reaching a size of $47.2 billion. The market is continuing to grow at a steady rate, set to reach almost $50 billion in 2023.

Caprus Digital, a global voice and unified communications (UC) solution provider, partnered with Epsilon to enhance its voice services, extend its global reach, and expand its capabilities to meet changing customer demands.

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Pioneer in Voice and Unified Communications

Caprus Digital is a global voice and unified communications (UC) solution provider. Its primary business includes A-Z global termination services, plus retail and reseller solutions for Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services.

It provides tailored retail solutions including web and e-commerce provisioning, as well as Direct Inward Dialing (DID) numbers for more than 100 destinations worldwide for calling card access and private/corporate usage. Caprus Digital is also a pioneer in providing solutions for call centre services, video conferencing services, and Microsoft Teams direct routing services for enterprise clients.

Caprus Digital is part of Caprus IT INC, a leading Software Provider in the space of Aviation Software services, Recruitment Process Outsourcing Services and Host of IT solutions provider with offices in India, Singapore and the US.


Scaling Business Operations and Diversifying Voice Services

Caprus Digital believes in transparency and the team prides itself on upholding the highest standard of service to achieve wholesale and retail customer loyalty and satisfaction.

After one-year operations of 8-10 million minutes per month in outbound with a decent rate per minute realisation, as well as inbound sourcing of 30-40 DIDs and toll-free numbers per month, the company saw an opportunity to grow these numbers further and accelerate its operations for customers. It wanted to scale its business and diversify into new voice services.


Keeping Up With Customers' Global Needs

Caprus Digital started with three clients interconnects at the end of 2018, which has surged to 600+ today across 30 countries, as well as 120+ globally reputed carrier interconnects to meet clients’ growing A-Z country requirements for call centre, Calling Line Identification (CLI), retail, and non-CLI traffic.

With such rapid growth, it was becoming a challenge to keep up with customers’ growing and evolving requirements.

Caprus Digital needed a partner that would collaborate to streamline and simplify its business operations and services with all compliances in place, including the interconnect process, billing process alignment, and infrastructure support.


Integrated Voice Solutions with End-to-End Support

Caprus Digital partnered with Epsilon to utilise a suite of voice services including: Cloud SBC with Integrated Billing, SIP Trunking, DIDs as well as Security and Fraud Management Services.

Caprus Digital can bring its own choice carriers and clients with traffic routing from its four global Epsilon Cloud SBC nodes with integrated billing, located in Hong Kong, UK, New York and Singapore. As a result, Caprus Digital has built a bank of globally reputed interconnected VoIP clients both medium and large, and is seeing a peak of half a million minutes of traffic per day on their network.

Epsilon helped to upgrade Caprus Digital’s DID service, which is now providing secure two-way voice services in 50+ countries and levelling up its reach and visibility. On the enterprise front, Caprus Digital can utilise the Microsoft Teams Direct Routing SBC voice services to offer quality enterprise-grade SIP routing from its Switch SBC, which is vital for keeping up with demands and is creating a huge DID opportunity too.

Epsilon trained the Caprus Digital team in the VoIP Switch and Billing tools which they were then able to carry forward on a day-to-day basis. As well as this, the Number Management System (NMS) helps Caprus Digital to check on the inventory of TFN/DIDs easily and on-demand.

It has been an enriching journey with Epsilon on the voice front so far, especially in building and enhancing our Unified Communications portfolio which is strengthening our business presence globally. The end-to-end support from Epsilon has been flawless, and we’re looking forward to continuing through our roadmap with our dedicated team and long-term collaboration with Epsilon in bringing more new Services and expand our Voice and Data business capabilities.

Susheel DhanasriVice President - Sales & Marketing, Caprus Digital

Caprus Digital also gains additional support from a dedicated Epsilon team ready to serve specific prospect requirements. Epsilon is supporting Caprus Digital by deploying additional SBC nodes to gain a wider global reach spread as far as Africa and Latin America, where VoIP usage is growing.

Epsilon is helping Caprus Digital to scale its business, diversify into new voice services, and convert challenges into opportunities while working together for mutual success. Epsilon has provided 24×7 end-to-end support from the process through to operations, with any technical issues resolved within the given turnaround time.

Agile Deployment

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Global Reach

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The Future

On the wholesale front, Caprus Digital is keen to scale up its existing outbound and inbound operations by two to three times within one year, which Epsilon will play a key part in. It would also like to pivot its business to have a reseller format to scale up with channel partners, which Epsilon can support with through its partner programme and award-winning Network as a Service (NaaS) platform Infiny, which can be fully white-labelled.

Caprus Digital is also looking towards enhancing and growing data services in its business, with a focus on dedicated internet access (DIA), SD-WAN and MPLS opportunities, as well as hosted colocation services. It is planning a PoP (Point Of Presence) in India with Epsilon as another key stage in its data services roadmap, which will play a key role in its global expansion.

Caprus Digital can easily procure geographic, national, mobile and toll-free numbers in over 100 countries through a single platform using Epsilon’s NaaS platform Infiny. Infiny also offers direct connectivity to hundreds of cloud, internet exchange, and network service providers, so Caprus Digital can expand and scale its business with Epsilon into the future, and keep up with customers’ ever-changing connectivity demands.

Epsilon is supporting Caprus Digital end-to-end and making it simple to scale and diversify into new voice services, while maintaining a long-term relationship to collaborate for success moving forward.

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