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Adopting a Cloud Connectivity platform can accelerate change in your business and help you evolve your service offering.

The Cloud is transforming just about every aspect of the ICT environment and connecting the Cloud is critical to the success of increasingly Cloud-centric enterprises. Service Providers and data centre operators that adopt a Cloud Connectivity platform add new dimensions to their service portfolios and capture long-term sustainable revenue streams.

As revenue from legacy services declines, connecting the Cloud has become a way to grow revenues while monetising Cloud adoption. Research firm IDC forecasts public Cloud IaaS revenues to more than triple, from $12.6 billion in 2015 to $43.6 billion in 2020, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 28.2% over the five-year period. The public Cloud IaaS market grew 51% in 2015 alone, according to IDC.

It is a vibrant market that relies on networking as the foundation for growth. Simple-to-use web-based Cloud Connectivity platforms enable you to rapidly monetise this new growth, while repositioning Service Providers as a critical enabler for the Cloud ecosystem.

Here are four ways a Cloud Connectivity platform will transform your business:

  • Differentiate with Speed – Cloud Connectivity platforms that deliver on demand Ethernet give you an advantage over competitors and enable you to offer scalable and agile network services. Click-to-connect provisioning gives you the ability to rapidly serve new demand and move faster than other connectivity providers. It increases time-to-market for new services and enables enterprises to quickly shape their applications and services with the support of an agile network.
  • From Local to Global Service Provider – You can use a Cloud Connectivity platform to expand your scope to serve the global needs of local customers. A Cloud Connectivity platform can extend your network reach from local and regional presence to complete global coverage. You can serve the global needs of customers and win new and larger contracts. A Cloud Connectivity platform can be the gateway to competing on the world stage.
  • Building a Sticky Brand – When you offer Direct Cloud Connectivity in addition to your other services, customers no longer have to look for support elsewhere. You can satisfy more of your customers’ needs and reduce churn. If you can deliver both Cloud services and connectivity, then you become an ideal and trusted partner for today’s enterprises.
  • Become a Cloud Enablement Provider – Overall, Cloud Connectivity can transform your business into a true provider of global Cloud enablement. You can play a critical role in enterprise Cloud strategies and offer them a comprehensive set of Cloud services. Cloud Connectivity supports long-term revenue growth and offers a sustainable way to grow your Cloud business.

There are no limits or barriers to entering the Cloud Connectivity market. With the right platform, you can access global locations with consistent Quality of Service and Quality of Experience and monetise the Cloud in new ways.

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