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So far, SIP Trunking services for enterprises have largely been local or regional solutions. As an increasing number of large enterprises adopt SIP Trunking, they are looking for global services that can deliver reliability and performance on a global scale. Local and regional providers want efficient ways to connect their services globally and are finding that intelligent networks are the answer.

At Epsilon we are supporting global SIP Trunking deployments with our Intelligent Network Exchange (eINX) in order to deliver end-to-end SIP solutions for service providers. eINX provides guaranteed performance around the globe with our own bespoke intelligent networking technologies. It enables us to support the Global SIP Trunk Federation and give members global connectivity they can rely on.

Our connectivity model enables federation members to rapidly roll out global SIP deployments with consistent quality of service (QoS) and experience (QoE) from one provider to another. eINX has foundation in end-to-end visibility from the transport to application layer with real-time analytics that ensure network performance.

We use intelligent networking to be the bridge between SIP Trunk Federation members and facilitate a seamless service. We have presence in more than 170 countries and a track record of delivering connectivity in both the world’s communications hubs as well as the challenging markets around the world.

eINX is offered on a “pay-per-use” basis and does not require any upfront CAPEX investment, making it simple to monetise global SIP Trunking. This intelligent pricing model gives members the flexibility to grow at their own pace as different markets are adopting SIP at different rates.

The intelligent connectivity model also enables service providers who aren’t members of the SIP Trunk Federation to use the federation as a means to connect their SIP services. We refer non-members to federation members and deliver connectivity between each provider.

The SIP Trunk Federation is further unified with a centralised billing platform provided by Epsilon. The billing platform gives members simplified billing for their international SIP Trunking deployments and enables them to quickly provision, invoice and reconcile bills. This simplifies the management and monetisation of global SIP Trunking deployments and makes it easy to transform local SIP services into global solutions intelligently.

Our eINX intelligent solution makes it simple for service providers to scale and monetise global SIP Trunking. Our pricing model also gives members the flexibility to grow at their own pace as different markets adoption rate adapts.

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