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As the overall cloud market grows, service providers of all kinds are asking themselves how they can get into the market and capture new revenue from cloud.

Managed Service Providers, Data Centre Operators, and other Service Providers are looking at cloud connectivity as a way to drive profitability. Their enterprise customers are migrating to the cloud and they can see an opportunity in adding cloud connectivity to their portfolio of services.

Here are six reasons to enter the cloud connectivity market and capture new revenue from networking the cloud:

1. No Barriers to Entry – Cloud connectivity platforms have an opex-driven model that requires little to no upfront investment. Very little resource needs to be allocated to getting started and teams can begin selling cloud connectivity almost immediately. This makes driving profitability from cloud connectivity simple and risk-free.

2. Increased Speed-to-Market –Cloud connectivity platforms enable Service Providers to enter the market and quickly play in the space. The platform provider will have developed relationships with network operators globally that can be leveraged by Service Providers. As the cloud market grows, Service Providers can gain a first-mover advantage in their markets by adopting an existing cloud connectivity platform.

3. A Complete Platform – The best cloud connectivity platforms give Service Providers all the tools they need in one place. From the platform’s web-based portal, Service Providers should be able to leverage ‘click-to-connect’ procurement, connectivity to leading cloud providers and internet exchanges, performance monitoring, billing systems and all that goes into the service lifecycle. This simplifies connecting clouds and puts all the tools for success in one place.

4. New Stickiness – If Service Providers can meet all of their enterprise customers’ cloud needs, these customers are less likely to churn. They get can everything they need from a one-stop-shop and no longer have to manage multiple supplier relationships. Service providers are able to play a critical role in their customers’ cloud strategies and offer them complete solutions.

5. Brand Building – Service Providers that choose white-label cloud connectivity platforms can own the customer relationship and build brand value. They can brand the platform with their logo and colors and give their customers another powerful tool for enabling cloud services. This ensures the Service Provider remains relevant in today’s market while building on their track record of success.

6. Long-Term Revenue Streams –All cloud estimates and forecast show long-term growth and the emergence of cloud as the defining technology of this decade and decades to come. The cloud opportunity has been proven to be real and selling cloud connectivity offers sustainable revenue growth. The ‘wait-and-see’ approach no longer works in the agile cloud era. The Service Providers that move now can capture recurring revenue in the long-term.

These are only some of the ways that cloud connectivity is transforming Service Provider businesses and helping them to grow. With the right platform provider, Managed Service Providers, Data Centre Operators and other Service Providers can become leading cloud connectivity providers and give their customers a complete set of cloud enablement solutions.

There is no better time to enter the cloud connectivity market and drive profitability with a cloud connectivity platform.

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