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Over the last three months, we’ve seen tremendous momentum in our CloudLX platform.

Our customers have used our platform to transform their businesses and capture new revenue while partners have seen how we can grow their reach and tap into new opportunities. It has only been three months but 2016 has already shown us the potential of CloudLX to move the market.

Our plan to support our customers with friction-free cloud connectivity is working. We’ve been able to connect and grow the platform and customers are seeing the direct benefit of adopting CloudLX. Our goal is to build on this momentum throughout the year and collaborate with users to refine the platform even further and deliver the best possible experience.

Already, we’ve taken some major steps forward with new PoPs, a new release and some new partners. In January, we established PoPs in both Dubai and Dallas, demonstrating how global our platform is. These PoPs will support the growth of cloud in the Middle East and the US with greater redundancy while bringing our services closer to users.

We can see that both developed and developing markets can benefit from CloudLX equally and the opportunity to capture revenue from cloud connectivity is truly global.

Following on from these infrastructure developments, we joined the Amazon Web Services Partner Network in February. CloudLX provides direct on-demand Ethernet connectivity to AWS cloud services. Our customers benefit from rapid access to the most recognised cloud computing service in the world.Just after announcing our work with AWS, we release CloudLX 3.0. The release continues to push network visibility to new levels. We expanded its graphing capabilities to make monitoring and troubleshooting even easier. CloudLX’s interactive graphing enables users to see exactly how their cloud connectivity is performing over time and gives them actionable insights into their network.

In March, we further developed our presence in the Middle East through partnering with regional Cloud Service Provider Orixcom. Orixcom is using CloudLX to serve its customers’ global cloud connectivity needs. This is a great collaboration that supports the growth of cloud services in the Middle East and enables Orixcom to leverage CloudLX for seamless connectivity.

The biggest takeaway from the last three months has been that the market is hungry for a new networking model that meets the needs of the cloud. The benefits are being recognised and an increasing number of Managed Service Providers (MSPs), Data Centre Operators and other Service Providers are looking at how they can enter the cloud connectivity market.

CloudLX gives them a simple but powerful solution to serving their customers’ needs.As we said back in January, the best part about this is that is only just the beginning. Our platform is continually growing and evolving to accelerate how users connect to the cloud while simplifying networking across the ecosystem. We don’t just feel the momentum, we can see it as we add new elements to the service and grow our partner relationships.

It is a great time to be in cloud connectivity and CloudLX is showing the market a new way forward.

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