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Many businesses today host their servers in outsourced colocation data centres. Instead of building on-prem and having to manage themselves, they are opting for an OPEX-based colocation model. These facilities have become the choice for businesses adopting the hybrid IT model.

In Europe, data protection is a major concern for businesses. This has changed how data are managed from both operational and technical perspectives. It is essential to look for colocation data centres with standards and certifications that are aligned with their business requirements.

The United Kingdom is one of the most mature data centre markets in the region. It currently has over 450 data centres across the country, out of which over 180 are located in London.

London Colocation Trends

London is a major colocation hub in Europe, being an important access point between US and the rest of Europe. Despite Brexit, London is still a popular choice for data centre operators and global businesses.

A report by Knight Frank and DC Byte predicts London as one of the four colocation hubs in Europe to achieve the “gigawatt market” status by 2023. Several analysts have noted that hyperscalers and cloud-based services are driving this aggressive growth across these cities.

The significant fintech market in London has largely contributed to the existence of the city’s comprehensive data centre ecosystem. Besides that, it is also a thriving city for software development and rapidly digitalising industries such as film and media.
Like many tech hubs around the world, London is currently experiencing high demand in terms of data centre users. Sectors that are driving this demand includes cloud and software-as-a service, e-commerce, video streaming services, gaming and mobile applications.
Connecting you in London and Beyond
With plenty of wholesale facilities in London, it can be challenging when it comes to picking the right colocation. Businesses have to consider the fact that these facilities are more than just space, power and security. They should also be looking at how interconnected the colocation is and the infrastructure they can connect to.
Choosing the right colocation has become a critical part of an enterprise’s business strategy. This can help avoid experiencing frequent unplanned outages, limited connectivity, and even potential physical security breaches. The right colocation enables businesses to grow efficiently and seamlessly expand into new markets.
By harnessing a secure and scalable colocation environment, businesses can protect their mission critical data and digitalise at faster speed with optimised uptime and network connectivity. They no longer need to manage multiple service providers to connect to the cloud and other data centres.
Epsilon London Colocation is an ideal facility for businesses looking to grow their presence and interconnect globally. With ISO 9001 & ISO 27001 certifications, businesses can have a peace of mind when deploying their equipment at our facility. We provide this assurance with a highly secure and resilient hosting environment and portfolio of security and disaster recovery solutions.
Our colocation solutions can be your foundation for interconnecting, deploying, hosting, and managing network connectivity services and applications globally. Unlike traditional colocation facilities, we offer all-in-one solution combined with flexible contracts and scalable network infrastructure.
Combining our Network as a Service (NaaS) platform Infiny, we enable connectivity to over 260 global data centres and access to cloud service providers (CSP) and internet exchanges (IX).
Our interconnection services directly connect you to leading CSPs including:
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Microsoft Azure
  • IBM Cloud
  • Oracle Cloud

As well as remote peering at major internet exchanges such as:

  • AMS-IX
  • DE-CIX
  • LINX
  • France-IX
  • NL-ix

Learn more about our London Colocation facility.

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