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Strategically positioned in the heart of Southeast Asia, Singapore is a highly connected country that provides access to the world’s fastest-growing region. The city-state is known for its digital competitiveness, housing 80 of the world’s top 100 tech companies.

According to Research and Markets, the Asia-Pacific region is undergoing very strong data centre growth. This is driven by large-scale international cloud providers as they expand aggressively in major hubs including Singapore. These include Amazon Web Service (AWS), Google, Microsoft and IBM.
On top of this, the demand for colocation has risen in the face of COVID-19. More organisations are pivoting their operations to match surging demands from businesses and consumers alike.
The demand for data storage and managed hosting services is expected to grow exponentially across Singapore. This is due to the extensive growth of internet connectivity, as well as focus on cybersecurity and data privacy.
Driving Towards Digitisation
Businesses of all kinds across the globe are prioritising their digital agenda. The pandemic has created an urgency to quicken the pace of digitalisation. Many had to move at double speed to adapt to the new normal.
As the workplace evolves, businesses have no choice but to digitalise their processes, data and systems to meet the needs of remote workers. Businesses also have to serve requirements for data storage, processing and transfer.
The appetite for digital services is also fuelling the increase in data centre demands. Consumers are driving demands at an unprecedented pace. There is an app for almost everything now, from messaging, banking, food delivery, transportation, gaming, and different forms of media. A lot of these require physical data centres from a security and compliance perspective.
Some organisations that had already digitalised their businesses have been using the opportunity to scale up during quieter business. In terms of colocation space, there are clear demand from high-growth industries, such as fintech and e-commerce. These industries often require almost double the capacity than usual.
The Singapore Opportunity
For many global businesses, Singapore has become an attractive gateway to the rest of Asia. There are many external drivers as to why businesses have a huge interest in Singapore data centres. The variety of factors include local skillsets, sustainability, stability and infrastructure, to general connectivity to the rest of the region.
With the changing regulatory and business landscape in Hong Kong, a lot of businesses are now looking at Singapore as the next best alternative. In fact, Singapore is already a major interconnection location for SEA with over 20 submarine cables connected to the city-state. Not to mention, the presence of public cloud players like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Alibaba Cloud.
A projection from Structure Research estimates the Singapore data centre colocation market to double between 2019 and 2023. The Singapore colocation market reached $1.1 billion in revenue in 2018 and will grow to $1.96 billion by 2023.
Singapore’s data centre market has reached critical mass with demand hitting an all-time high. Meanwhile, the Singapore authorities have placed new data centre build projects on hold since 2019, expected to last through 2021. This supply shortage is pushing a lot of businesses to rapidly set up presence in Singapore.
Transforming the Future of Your Data
Colocation has become important access points to a range of services. It can provide the foundation for growing in a new market or optimising digital infrastructure in an existing market. However, not all colocation facility today can enable global connectivity on-demand.
Epsilon’s colocation services help businesses safeguard their mission-critical data with leading security and operational reliability. We;re trusted by some of the world’s largest companies – from leading over-the-top (OTT) providers and financial services to e-commerce companies and more.
Beyond colocation, we allow our tenants to interconnect with our global network fabric, enabling access to over 260+ data centres globally. They can use our Infiny platform to order and provision on-demand connectivity to interconnected data centres, cloud service providers and internet exchanges across multiple regions.
Instead of integrating services from multiple vendors, they have all the digital infrastructure ready and available when needed. In an era of accelerating transformation, they can move applications and services freely and build their presence locally and globally.
Learn more about our Singapore Colocation.
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