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We’d like to say congratulations to the team at datamena for its big at Data Center Dynamics Middle East 2017 (DCD Middle East).

Datamena was recognised for its Excellence in Regional Data Centre Connectivity for the delivery of on-demand connectivity via the Infiny by Epsilon platform. It is great to see our partner already making waves in the market in the Middle East and creating new momentum with on-demand connectivity.

In a first for the Middle East, datamena is able to offer on-demand access to world-leading Cloud Service Providers, internet exchanges and destinations around the globe.

This increases its partners’ agility as they make their move to the Cloud and enable them to deliver innovative apps and services. The network has no limits innovation but instead supports it and helps new services to grow.

We are proud to be partnered with datamena as it supports the growth of Cloud, Content and advanced communication services across the Middle East.

At Epsilon, we believe in strong partners that create new value and accelerate innovation. Market disruption is driving the need for more collaboration and stronger partnerships across the entire ecosystem. When we work together and support each other’s growth, the market is healthier and the end users get better services.We look forward to partnering with more providers globally and helping them to bring on-demand connectivity to more markets around the world.
Partners that deploy Infiny by Epsilon gain a simple and powerful platform for global networking and can move faster than their competitors to serve new and growing demand. The platform puts control in the hands of our partners with click-to-connect provisioning available via our web-based portal, APIs and iOS and Android apps.
It is exciting to see datamena already receiving recognition for on-demand connectivity and we look forward to supporting the success of other partners around the world with on-demand connectivity.
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