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I’m happy to say that the integration of our new assets in New York has been going smoothly and we’re already seeing results. Our Infiny by Epsilon on-demand connectivity platform was launched at the beginning of March and it is available across the US.

Managed Service Providers (MSPs), Valued Added Resellers (VARs), Systems Integrators (SIs), Data Centre Operators (DCOs) and a whole range of US-based service providers can benefit from connectivity delivered at the click-of-a-button. We’re serving up local, regional and global connectivity that can connect our partners across the US and around the world.

Metro-to-Metro, Cloud and global connectivity all have a big impact on how our partners can serve new demand. It changes how they see the market and the kinds of opportunities that they can pursue.

I think that there’s about 150,000 MSPs and VARs in the US market and there’s probably more. Each one of them can benefit from one simple platform for connecting their applications and services faster and with guaranteed quality. On-demand connectivity is really changing the game for partners in hubs like New York through to regional markets like St Louis.

Here’s how I see on-demand connectivity changing how our partners operate:

  • Increased Speed-to-Market – Our platforms enable partners to quickly deploy new apps and services in new markets. On-demand connectivity means moving faster than competitors and serving demand with immediacy.
  • A Comprehensive Platform – Our partners want simplicity and with one comprehensive platform they can connect SIP, Global and National Ethernet, Cloud service providers via a web-based portal or API. That means they can serve more of their customers’ needs and reduce customer churn.
  • New Efficiency – Partners get everything they need from a one-stop-shop and no longer have to manage multiple supplier relationships. It’s easier to grow and scale with a platform that’s built to be intuitive and easy to use. An OPEX-driven model means only paying for what you use as well as the flexibility to add new services when they’re needed.
  • Greater Control – Partners have instant access to their services and can see network performance from a single platform. They can monitor and adjust their services from any smart device or web browser. That makes managing a network and controlling their services simple.
  • New Revenue Opportunities – On-demand connectivity enables partners to immediately differentiate their businesses and serve more of their customers’ demands. They can compete for new contracts beyond their traditional territory and grow their offering in new markets. It enables them to capture new revenue and grow revenue from existing customers.

I think there’s a lot of scope to use on-demand connectivity to grow our partners’ businesses in the US and beyond. Connecting customers across metro markets doesn’t have to be complex. With a simple platform, partners can accelerate their growth while simplifying their operations.

If you’re interested in the Infiny by Epsilon on-demand connectivity platform take a look here:

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