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SmartHub IX and IPX to offer state-of-the-art secure hosting, content and global connectivity for Epsilon’s Global Network Exchange

Etisalat today announced its partnership with Epsilon Telecommunications, world’s largest global telecom network exchange, to deploy its Middle Eastern network exchange at Etisalat’s SmartHub in Fujairah, UAE.

Epsilon will be deploying its eConnect platform at the SmartHub datacenter which will support its interconnections and restoration services across the region and the globe. Additionally, the global telecom network exchange will also provide managed co-location services to their clientele from Etisalat’s SmartHub.

Etisalat’s strategic undersea cable landings in Fujairah allow Epsilon to cross connect systems that bridge Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia. The SmartHub facility offers access to ‘The East African Marine System’ (TEAMS), ‘India-Middle East-Western Europe’ (IMEWE), SeaMeWe3, SeaMeWe4, TGN Gulf, as well as other undersea and regional terrestrial cable systems.

We are delighted to have Epsilon join Etisalat’s SmartHub, the largest telecommunications hub in the region. This partnership is in line with our overall strategy to evolve Smarthub through partnerships that secure UAE and Etisalat’s position as the major telecommunications hub.

Ali AmiriExecutive Vice President at Etisalat Carrier and Wholesale services

Epsilon is a carrier-neutral provider of network services ranging from point-to-point leased lines to a fully ‘managed global presence’ for its service provider customers. This includes network connectivity, co-location, network and data center consultancy and design, system integration, commissioning and maintenance services. It has over 500 network operators pre-connected on its network exchange.

Etisalat’s SmartHub is a central cross connect point for the Gulf, Middle East and our global business. Local operators are looking for our support in delivering cross-border connectivity rather than routing traffic via Europe. There is also growing demand for our capacity trading platform eCX across the region. We are establishing our first Middle Eastern Network Hub in Etisalat SmartHub in Fujairah because it is really a crossroads for international connectivity.

Andreas HippCEO at Epsilon


Etisalat’s SmartHub is the largest capacity, content, internet and data hub in the Middle East. SmartHub provides regional access for global service providers and global access to the internet for the region. SmartHub includes the Middle East’s first IPX for mobile operators and includes the region’s largest portfolio of internet content. SmartHub IX (Internet Exchange) will extend the reach of SmartHub content and connectivity options. Connectivity to SmartHub is provided through a robust and diverse infrastructure of both regional and intercontinental cable systems combined with world class hosting facilities in the SmartHub data centre, managed by Etisalat’s Carrier & Wholesale Services


Etisalat is the largest telecommunications operator in the Middle East and North Africa region catering to consumers, businesses, international telecommunication companies, ISPs, content providers and mobile operators.

Servicing over 139 million customers in 15 countries in Middle East, Asia and Africa, Etisalat has achieved more than 20% growth in subscriber base in 2012 across its land line, mobile, and Internet services.

Etisalat is now the highest overall rated telecommunications company in the GCC and the 4th highest rated telecommunications company in the world. It has been rated AA- by Standard & Poor, A+ by Fitch, and Aa3 by Moody’s.

Etisalat UAE has pioneered the launch of the region’s first commercial 4G service on its nation-wide LTE network. In September 2012, Etisalat UAE successfully completed the highest 4G LTE speed test in the world, reaching speeds of 300Mbps.

The corporation offers a variety of hi-tech complimentary services to the telecommunications industry including managerial and technical training, SIM card manufacturing, e-payment solutions, clearing house services, peering, voice and data transit, and submarine and land cable services.

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