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African network operator Angola Cables has selected Epsilon to deliver its IP traffic to the internet exchanges of Europe

Epsilon Telecommunications, the world’s largest global telecoms network exchange, has signed an agreement with Angola Cables, an Angolan telecommunications provider dedicated to international wholesale and the submarine fibre market, to deliver international connectivity across Europe. The largest shareholder in the West Africa Cable System (WACS) cable system Angola Cables will access backhaul services from WACS to London as well as long-haul services in Western Europe connecting its IP traffic to internet exchanges in the UK, the Netherlands and France.

With this agreement, Epsilon is providing a virtual point-of-presence (ePoP) and cross connect services in London, giving Angola Cables efficient access to service provider networks in Europe, Asia and the Americas. Angola Cables’ IP traffic will be distributed to LINX, AMS-IX, Paris and Ashburn internet exchanges while Epsilon will gain access to the Angolan telecoms market. Epsilon is already pre-connected with 500+ network operators globally and this agreement extends its growing presence in the domestic markets of Africa.

We are excited to be working with Angola Cables as it develops its international connectivity in Europe and has firm plans to connect South America to Africa in the very near future. Angola is one of the fastest developing economies on the continent and has the potential to become a telecoms and technology hub for Africa. When we see the combination of an ambitious operator and strong economic growth, we know we can help to spur on telecoms development.

Jerzy SzlosarekCEO at Epsilon Telecommunications

Founded in 2009, Angola Cables was formed by five domestic operators: Angola Telecom (51%), Unitel (31%), MSTelcom (9%), Movicel (6%), and Startel (3%). Its South Atlantic Cable System (SACS) will be the first undersea cable linking Africa with South America in the southern hemisphere. The cable system will be around 6,000 km and will directly link Angola and Brazil. It is expected to be fully operational by the end of 2014.

This agreement improves strategic access to the world’s telecoms markets not only for our customers but also for telecoms markets of Angola and Africa. It also gives access operators globally access to one of the world’s fastest growing telecoms markets. This agreement is one more step towards making Angola a African telecommunications hub.

António NunesCEO of Angola Cables

More than 60% of the population of Angola is under 24 years old with 9.5 million mobile subscribers, according to the CIA Factbook.


Angola Cables is a telecommunications company under Angolan law, formed in 2009 by the five major telecom operators in Angola. Its aim for the “wholesale” market (bulk selling), and its core business is the commercialisation of capacity in international voice and data circuits over fibre submarine cables.

It is responsible for the management and development of WACS in Angola and provides the international transmission telecommunications to all operators in order to increase the interconnection between Angola and the world.

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