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Customers can now easily connect to Verne Global’s carrier neutral campus in Iceland using one of Epsilon’s more than 500 carrier relationships

SINGAPORE – March 10, 2015 – Epsilon, a privately owned global communications service provider, and Farice, a submarine cable operator and network services provider between Iceland and Europe, announced today that they are delivering connectivity to Verne Global’s carbon neutral data centre campus. With access to abundant, low-cost power, companies around the world now also have the option of connecting with their incumbent carrier using a single Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Epsilon has supplied an outsourced networking solution to Farice, which enables customers from 170 countries to connect via Farice’s submarine cable infrastructure to Verne Global. This gives carriers, service, cloud and application providers, as well as enterprises, streamlined access to a world-leading green data centre infrastructure in Iceland.

With established Point-of-Presence (PoPs) in London and Frankfurt, the partnership between Epsilon and Farice leverages Epsilon’s more than 500 carrier relationships globally. This ease of connectivity to Verne Global ultimately enables companies to lower their total costs of data centre ownership and carbon footprint.

Data centre facilities in Iceland are ideally located given their low-cost and sustainable power supply, as well as geographic proximity to both North America and Europe. The challenge is to efficiently connect these facilities to the rest of the world. This is where Epsilon’s network outsourcing model can be a powerful tool for connecting the world’s communications hubs and give cloud, content, communications and applications providers access to green data centre solutions.

Andreas HippCEO at Epsilon

Verne Global uses 100% renewable, geothermal and hydroelectric energy, with no green energy price premium. Its facility is only 18 milliseconds from Frankfurt and 41 milliseconds from New York, giving it latency that is ideal for supporting cloud computing, research computing, database hosting and high performance computing applications.

As customers focus on rising power prices, extending carrier accessibility to Verne Global’s sustainable and lowest cost data center solves both growth and cost saving challenges for customers around the world.

Jeff MonroeCEO at Verne Global

Farice is the main wholesale provider of capacity in and out of Iceland. It operates the FARICE-1 submarine cable between Iceland and the United Kingdom, and the DANICE submarine cable between Iceland and Denmark. It has main service points of presence in Copenhagen, Amsterdam, London and now Frankfurt as well as the Verne Data Centre in Iceland.

Epsilon’s network outsourcing model has given us an efficient way to extend our network reach, allowing us to better serve Verne Global and its international customers with a reliable, end-to-end intelligent network infrastructure.

Ómar BenediktssonCEO at Farice
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