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Epsilon delivers cost-effective and efficient solution to help BT enhance its wholesale TDM-to-IP conversion services for MNOs.

Epsilon, a privately owned global communications service provider, has been selected by BT for TDM-to-IP signalling conversion services to support its wholesale BT Mobile Roam offering for mobile network operators as they are increasingly looking to connect to BT Global IP Exchange based roaming services using IP-based signalling (SIGTRAN) rather than using a TDM-only access.

Epsilon supports BT with an access solution that extends its IP signalling infrastructure and enables it to serve the IP signalling needs of its MNO customers. Signalling underpins SMS and messaging services and MNOs benefit from leveraging BT’s wholesale proposition for global reach and cost efficient accessibility combined with resiliency and security.

As IP increasingly becomes the preferred networking technology, BT looked to design a scalable and efficient way to serve these customers on IP. BT selected Epsilon because it offered a simple, quick and flexible solution that is ready to scale with accelerated IP adoption.

The migration from TDM-to-IP doesn’t have to be complex. With our IP conversion and interconnection services BT can make its IP capabilities for mobile operators straightforward and cost effective. This way BT’s communications services can be as consistent and reliable on IP as they are on TDM.

Reuma Halal-ShibiRegional Director, Carrier Business – Europe at Epsilon

Epsilon understands our desire to make the move from TDM-to-IP seamless and simple for our mobile operator customers. Their solution was quickly deployed and ready to serve our growing wholesale IP customer base. One of the key benefits is our ability to offer satellite TDM offload to far-reaching African and Middle Eastern operators as well as rapid interconnection.

Damien StaplesGeneral Manager, Global Business Development at BT

BT Mobile Roam is a signalling service supporting both SS7 and IP based SIGTRAN. It offers mobile network operators the opportunity to join a global inter-operator hub offering ubiquitous global network coverage. Subscribers can then roam seamlessly between networks on both an inbound and outbound basis. The service is accessed either directly through terrestrial and satellite links, or indirectly through a third-party operator.

Mobile Roam provides reach to the networks of over 900 Mobile Network Operators in 199 countries around the globe, and can add new networks as required. Mobile Network Operators can confidently negotiate roaming agreements secure in the knowledge that signalling will be supported by BT. ITU-T / ANSI signalling translation is available as part of the service, providing a high quality, cost effective means of enabling roaming with North American partners.

BT has physical connections to its own customers, other MNOs, peering partners (Global Roaming Signalling providers), as well as MNO Group parent networks.

Mobile Roam is also part of BT’s extensive range of roaming services on its Global IP Exchange complementing LTE and Wi-fi Roaming. The strong combination of voice, data and messaging services combined with one-stop roaming enables MNOs to fully leverage their opportunities for new LTE based services, such as VoLTE.

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