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The past two years have been a trying time for managed services providers, system integrators, data centre operators and carriers alike. In spite of the dramatic surges in demand for bandwidth, speed and connectivity—which should lead to fast and sustained revenue streams—this sector has also had its own infrastructure issues to contend with.

When networking resources are stretched thin, prices and service quality assurances have to be adjusted until a service provider has had time to acquire more bandwidth and network resources. This has led to brand damage, unhappy customer experiences, and rushed expansion plans involved less-than-ideal pricings and contractual terms.

At this stage, service providers can either choose to expand their network physically to serve more of their customers or look at partnering with a global connectivity provider.

Leave IT to the specialists

The virtualisation of services made possible by cloud computing has led to an Everything-as-a-Service trend. This lets the specialised experts lay the scalable digital groundwork, after which the product can be distributed in parallel to all subscribers, on-demand.

MSPs, DC operators and carriers alike can choose to acquire, maintain and expand network resources (usually irreversibly in terms of costs and space) to meet demand, or they can streamline infrastructure towards a white labelling paradigm. They can circumvent DIY networking by buying the necessary bandwidth and resources from network specialist providers or using a Networks as a Service model offering with global class-leading infrastructure.

Once the necessary resources are repackaged with value-add, a service provider can rebrand and resell the products to its own client base. Not only can its existing resources continue to be sold, but the white-label networking products can add to the revenue stream and provide a scalable on-demand buffer for any demand surges.
Infiny by Epsilon was created to help partners solve these challenges by enabling on-demand, self-service network services that can be resold without the need for upfront investment into the infrastructure.

Last September, Epsilon’s Infiny was recognised with the 2021 Global Technology Innovation Leadership Award by Frost & Sullivan as a high-performance connectivity and communication services that bridges the gap between global data centres, cloud providers, and Internet exchanges at the click of a button.

Recently, our partner Total Information Management has successfully white-labelled Infiny to deliver direct cloud connectivity to their local customers in the Philippines. This enables them to generate new revenue streams through the delivery of new service capabilities.

When compared to the pains of in-house network infrastructure, white-label networking is a low-risk, high growth proposition:

White Label NetworkingDIY Networking
Can start selling immediatelyTakes a long time to build
SLA guaranteed by the white label partnerNo guaranteed SLA
Low setup costLarge investment needed
Does not require deep expertiseRequires specialised networking expertise
Handles the risk management aspectsManage your own risks
Allows you to focus on your core competenciesRequires additional resources towards managing the network

Tapping specialisation for future-proofing

How does Infiny make white labelling friction-free and compelling to service providers ready to give up DIY networking?

Infiny features powerful automation and APIs that facilitate simple, agile, and cost-effective network management. This, complemented by friction-free interconnection, removes the complexities associated with managing multiple vendors. Customers can easily connect and manage global connectivity and communications services seamlessly from a single provider via a web-based portal.

By using Infiny, partners gain access into 280+ points of presence globally as well as direct connectivity to the major internet exchanges and cloud service providers such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform and many more.

According to Frost & Sullivan’s research director Gautham Gnanajothi, Infiny “focus on all aspects of service delivery” that “creates operational excellence and helps it deliver services swiftly and accurately. Its technological sophistication, along with high flexibility and scalability, is expected to drive its future growth in the global market.”

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