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The shift towards remote working models and a more globalised workforce following the pandemic has necessitated the acceleration of digital transformation. As enterprises continue to scale their businesses, there is increased demand for reliable, efficient, and seamless interconnectivity to data centres and the cloud.  

With enterprises constantly seeking connectivity solutions to support their business endeavours, opportunities for service providers remain abundant. However, to stand out from the competition, service providers require an enhanced business model that can accelerate time-to-market in this dynamic environment. It is imperative that customer experiences are optimised by having a wide suite of flexible, scalable connectivity solutions and rapid deployment capabilities. 

How can carriers or data centre operators keep pace with evolving customer needs and offer new connectivity services on-demand and efficiently? 

Partnering with an SDN platform provider
As service providers look at more flexible and scalable models to deliver their services, Network as a Service (NaaS) is becoming more prevalent. However, not all carriers and data centre operators have this capability.
Building a software-defined networking (SDN) platform for NaaS require extensive resources and knowledge in software development. This capability is not usually seen in carriers and data operators because their services do not necessarily revolve around it.
But the benefit of having an SDN platform ensures that these service providers can keep up with current demands.
By adopting an SDN platform like Infiny, service providers can immediately take advantage of new network services. Furthermore, increasing their global reach with little to no upfront investment. That gives them the ability to rapidly deploy new services for their enterprise customers and be part of their digital journey.
A SDN platform offers some core benefits:
  • Capture New Revenue
    Carriers and data centre operators can monetise new services, win new and larger contracts, and grow in new areas with an expanded service offering. They can immediately sell services beyond their traditional boundaries. At the same time, catering to the needs of both digitally advanced customers and ones that are at the beginning of their journey.
  • Play a Critical Role in Transformation
    As enterprises deploy digital transformation projects, they look to their carrier and data centre partners to support their hybrid cloud strategy. This includes providing direct connection to multiple cloud services and accessing data centres globally. They can offer a starting point for transformation and deliver a mix of network services that support public and private cloud.
  • Increase Customer Loyalty
    Those who grow together stay together. An SDN platform can help a carrier or data centre operator to proactively engage their customers before they need them. They can position themselves as a strategic network partner with an assortment of high-performance connectivity solutions.
  • Rapidly Adapt to New Demand
    The shift to remote working we have seen in 2020 is unprecedented. An SDN platform can deliver on-demand network services that can be rapidly scaled up across a global footprint. It delivers new agility without long-term commitment or having to source for new network partners across the globe.
  • Support Continual Transformation
    With the support of an SDN platform, service providers can be assured that new features and services are constantly being added. This ensures that these service providers can continue to their customers’ continual transformation and the evolution of their IT environments.

With the right SDN platform partner, they can stay ahead of the competition and maintain their positioning in the market.

Infiny is built to support carriers and data centre operators. With an array of network services, users can procure, provision and manage them on a single platform. It offers white-label option for service providers who wish to take full advantage of the platform. 
Alternatively, they can use application programming interface (API) to curate the services they need immediately.
We make it easy for you to come on board with just a simple registration. Whether you are consuming the services yourself or reselling them to your customers.
Begin your journey with us today.
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