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Mobile apps have transformed how we experience the world. Today, how we hail a cab, order food or listen to music have been redefined by the app ecosystem. They bring simplicity, transparency and order to all kinds of tasks.

We are seeing the same thing in global networking. If we can have instantly accessible services in our personal lives, we should have them in global networking. App-centric models match today’s expectations and give us a familiar way of interacting with technology and getting the results we want. Other industries have been quick to adapt and consumerise their offerings. Networking is only now catching up.

We made it our goal to bring this kind of app-centric and modular approach to global networking with our Infiny by Epsilon on-demand connectivity platform. Users can procure and monitor services via iOS and Android apps as well as online web-based portals. When they access our service they can choose from a set of modules.

In a familiar format, users can click through to the modules they want and connect their services just like in any other app-centric platform. Infiny by Epsilon offers a series of click-to-connect modules for all of our partners networking needs, these include:

  • CloudLX – Within this module, users can deploy and manage Cloud Access solutions. We enable partners to leverage on-demand connectivity in order to gain a direct link into the world’s largest Cloud and Internet Exchange ecosystems and its service providers. It also offers on-demand Ethernet and virtual cross-connect services, which gives users rapid access to port-to-port connectivity
  • SIP Trunk Federation – Our international end-to-end SIP Trunking solution enables users to connect their SIP Trunking services globally with guaranteed Quality-of-Service (QoS) and Experience (QoE). They can rapidly connect with other local or regional SIP Trunk providers globally
  • Enterprise Access –We deliver enterprise grade connectivity services for last mile locations that enable scalable Direct Internet Access (DIA), SD-WAN and Hybrid solutions.
  • Phonebook – Users can procure and manage geographic and toll free numbers. Infiny by Epsilon supports Direct Inward Dialling (DID), as well as called Direct Dial In (DDI). Our toll-free numbers are automated reverse charge services with in country national toll-free and Universal International Freephone Numbers (UIFN) options.

One or more of these modules can be accessed and procured by users, with the option to add more to their service over time. Our aim has been to keep your experience as simple as possible with everything you need on tap and ready to go.

You’ll see that our CloudLX platform has been integrated into Infiny by Epsilon and now sits beside the other modules. It’s the same award-winning solution just with some new features and more capabilities sitting beside it. It gives you a unified and consistent experience if you were a previous user while giving you new options as you grow. Infiny by Epsilon is bringing the simplicity, dependability and accessibility we see in consumer app ecosystems to global networking.

Find out more about Infiny by Epsilon.

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