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As part of our ongoing effort to improve customer service experience, our teams have been working tirelessly to bring new enhancements and features to our Network as a Service (NaaS) platform, Infiny. We’re pleased to announce that Infiny now supports the provisioning of External Network to Network Interface (ENNI) ports, which complements the ability to provision User Network Interface (UNI) ports.

This is an important capability for our carrier customers and service provider partners that operate their own ethernet network and wish to access a wider network footprint in a cost-effective manner. The new feature allows them to make simple configuration and provision ENNI ports via Infiny anytime on their own.

What is ENNI?

An ENNI, as defined in MEF26.2, is intended to support the extension of ethernet services across multiple Carrier Ethernet Networks (CEN). It enables Q-in-Q configuration (also known as IEEE 802.1ad or 802.1Q tunnelling), which provides an outer Service VLAN (SVLAN) tag and inner Customer VLAN (CVLAN) tag that are VLANs at different levels.

The benefits of ENNI include:

  • Allowing networks to have a connected interface or gateway that enables seamless service connection over a common interface.
  • Consolidating connections for better control over cost management.
  • Allowing operators to test interfaces more efficiently and with better consistency.
  • Saving on costs and resources in the long run.

What can customers and partners do with ENNI on Infiny

This feature allows the user to extend their network seamlessly by utilising Epsilon’s Points of Presence (PoPs) globally to deliver an end-to-end networking solution through a common ethernet interface. With ENNI on Infiny, customers and partners can now:

  • Establish ENNI interfaces to Epsilon’s network through Infiny and extend their WAN connectivity globally
  • Access and configure the ENNI function using a single platform on-demand – at any time
  • Manage the port and service online as they would with any other services on Infiny
  • Track and monitor management data on Infiny for control and visibility – including port status and service performance
  • Build services into Epsilon’s network via their own network and also build services across Epsilon’s network as if it’s their own

Our ENNI function on Infiny allows the user to customise the configuration of their port. This includes having the ability to:

  • Double tag the SVLAN and CVLAN to the ENNI interface to differentiate end users and/or services. At the UNI port, the CVLAN tag can be configured to extend to the end user accordingly.
  • Expand their backbone network by setting up ENNI ports between two data centres where Epsilon’s PoPs are located. This can be done easily by provisioning the SVLAN and CVLAN through Infiny in both PoPs.

How to deploy an ENNI on Infiny

Step 1: Buy a port (Select location, port speed, contract duration and cabling)

selecting a port to buy on epsilon infiny

Step 2: Select “ENNI” for port type and click “Buy Port”. Customer will receive an email upon order confirmation.

how to select enni and buy port

Step 3: After the cabling installation has completed, go to “Manage Port” in Infiny and you will be able to see the new ENNI port.

how to manage enni port in infiny

Step 4: To configure a service on the ENNI port, go to “Add Services”, select the location, port and bandwidth.

how to configure add service on enni port

Step 5: Configure the SVLAN and CVLAN.

how to svlan and cvlan on infiny

Step 6: Confirm the service details and click “Buy”. The service will be provisioned instantly.

how to purchase enni port infiny

Get in touch with us to learn more about this feature on Infiny. If you’re an existing customer/partner, you may also speak directly with your account manager for a demo.

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