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The network needs to deliver better performance. The traditional networking model was built to deliver voice and data and that just isn’t enough anymore. When it comes to cloud, content, and high-performance communications services, the network needs to deliver higher performance and a better quality of experience for end users.

Intelligence is the answer and it doesn’t have to be complicated. Intelligent Networking as a Service (iNaaS) can have an immediate impact on your business and change what is possible on your network. Intelligent networks remove the limits we see in TDM networks as well as today’s IP networks. It adds a layer of visibility and transparency that is accelerating innovation on IP and enabling new services to develop.

We believe intelligent networks will unlock the potential of your cloud, content and communications services and drive new growth in your business.

Here’s how it will make an impact:

1. New Visibility

Using intelligent networks means gaining insights into analytics around session, service, network, system, application, traffic type, media quality and SLAs as it happens. For network operators used to reviewing call data records (CDRs) after the fact, near real-time is a major step forward for troubleshooting network issues and offering guaranteed quality of service (QoS) and experience (QoE).

2. Higher Security

Intelligent networks by definition offer higher levels of security because the visibility they offer can be used to identify network security threats. With heightened visibility into the network, the intelligent network provider can track and address security threats as they happen. They can see spikes in traffic or decreases in performance in near real-time then react, giving you a higher availability and increased security end-to-end.

3. Accelerated IP Adoption

IP networking has been ‘Best Effort’ for too long. Intelligent networks offer QoS and QoE end-to-end and from the transit to application layers. This means reliability and availability on IP can exceed TDM and that allows you to roll out IP-based service with confidence.

4. Increased End User Satisfaction

With visibility into the application layer, service providers can gauge end user experience as it happens. The user gets a higher QoE and service providers can deliver more demanding services. This reduces churn and enables service providers to capture new revenue streams.

5. New Global Scale and Reach

Intelligent network delivered by the right provider enables a truly ubiquitous QoS and QoE and delivers high availability networking around the world. If you have multiple sites with some in challenging markets, intelligent networking can support a common user experience for all destinations. It removes limits of services and enables a truly global presence.

Intelligent networks are only the beginning of the journey from the world of networking for voice and data, cloud, software-defined networking (SDN) and the Internet of Things (IoT). It is a crucial step forward that will enable the high performance applications and services of the future. It is moving IP beyond ‘Best Effort’ and finally delivering on IP’s promise.

If you’d like to learn more about how we’re delivering intelligent networks on four continents to 70 points of presence around the world and using our 500+ operator relationships to deliver flexible and scalable intelligent networks.

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