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Data centre operators are central to the cloud market but their future can be even brighter with an opportunity to deliver new white-labeled services. Channel models have emerged in software as a service (SaaS) and unified communications as a service (UCaaS) and we believe this is the future for network infrastructure as well.

Data Centre operators can partner with a cloud connectivity provider and rapidly add new revenue streams to their business, with global connectivity and streamlined access to cloud ecosystems. They can rebrand the cloud connectivity providers platform and sell it as a complete service wrap to their enterprise customers.

The cloud connectivity provider has already done the hard work. They have built out relationships with network service providers and created an integrated platform that is ready to support the needs of a data centre operators’ enterprise customers. In the best cases, the platform is built with quality of service monitoring and SLA enforcement.

If designed with simplicity in mind, the data centre operator doesn’t need to be an expert in networking to sell cloud connectivity services. They can leverage their own brand and existing relationships while capturing new revenue with high margin services.

It allows the data centre operator to position itself as a provider of complete cloud infrastructure and act as a bridge between enterprises, their cloud services and global connectivity.

One physical connection to the platform can enable the data centre’s customers to connect to multiple cloud service providers through a virtual LAN connection. The data centre operator becomes the critical infrastructure provider and supporter of the enterprises cloud services globally. This is a privileged position and can create sustainable high-margin opportunities for the data centre operator. It increases customer stickiness as well as being a meaningful differentiator when competing for new business.

For data centre operators, a white-labeled solution for cloud connectivity is the fastest, simplest and most effective way to add value for enterprise and capture new cloud revenue.

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