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Epsilon has launched its infiny platform to give users on-demand access to its suite of connectivity solutions.

Users are able to procure and manage Epsilon’s services via Infiny’s web-based portal, APIs, and Android and iOS mobile apps. They can use the self-service platform to procure local, regional and global port-to-port, port-to-Cloud, port-to-Internet Exchange, SIP Trunking and last mile DIA and SD-WAN services.

Infiny is the result of more than a decade of simplifying how our partners connect and deliver services around the globe. We have taken our core set of services and made them available via a simple and powerful platform. It removes the friction from voice, data and local access services and delivers truly Cloud-centric networking. We have reduced the complexity of global networking to a mobile app and web based portal, delivering networking as a utility in the form of a fully adaptable API. This is a step change in our industry.

Jerzy SzlosarekCEO at Epsilon

From the web portal, partners gain complete visibility into their service status with click-to-connect provisioning and back end automation. Partners also have the option to use our API to plug Epsilon’s services directly into their existing platforms.

Infiny enables users to manage global connectivity on-demand. They can see network performance and analytics while scaling services up or down from a smart phone. It is that simple. Infiny puts Data Connectivity, Direct Cloud Access, SIP Trunking and Last Mile services in the palm of your hand and removes the limitation from networking. The user is in control of their services and gains a set of services that they turn up at the click of a button.

Lee MyallChief Commercial Officer at Epsilon

Infiny is supported with bespoke intelligent networking technology that enables it to offer guaranteed Quality of Service end-to-end and around the world. Each service is accessible from the platform in a modular format. Epsilon’s Cloud link eXchange (CloudLX) platform will become a module of Infiny. Its SD-WAN module will enable users to connect enterprise locations globally.

When the network is a utility, it becomes easier to innovate. Software and application developers are no longer restricted by the lack of agility in traditional networks. They can roll-out services knowing the network will be able to support them and offer the flexibility and adaptability they need. Infiny supports the entire ecosystem and turns the network into a driver for innovation

Jerzy SzlosarekCEO at Epsilon

Android and iOS apps is now available for download. Users that are pre-connected to Epsilon will be able to request a login into these apps, allowing them the ability to procure and monitor services, anytime anywhere.

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