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In a world powered by software applications, it is easy to ignore the need for high-quality voice calls. Widespread digitalisation in businesses has connected us better with the services we consume yet at the same time, they have become more and more impersonal. There’s no longer a need to speak with someone to complete a purchase or access government services.

However, customer-centric businesses understand the need for reliable voice calls to reach out to consumers and provide after-sales support. The fastest way to get more information about a service or product is still by ringing up the business. A study by Google has shown that calls are valuable to businesses and 61% of mobile searchers find calls to be the most important in their buying journey.

Enterprises that are growing rapidly will need a cost-effective way to turn up phone services and accommodate hundreds and maybe thousands of phone calls to better serve their customers.
With internet connectivity taking precedence, traditional telephony systems are not up to today’s standards in terms of call quality, reliability and cost-efficiency. Enterprises simply cannot afford to keep setting up new cables to accommodate new employees or new branch offices as they grow their business. As a result, SIP Trunking is becoming the de facto choice for enterprises to connect their communications services.
According to Markets and Research, the global SIP Trunking services market is expected to grow from USD 7.63 billion in 2018 to USD 12.70 billion by 2023. Instead of using traditional PBX, SIP Trunking establishes call by tapping on connectivity via the internet or a private Ethernet network – otherwise known as Voice over IP (VoIP) – enabling a Cloud-based unified communication. The challenge for Service Providers is finding a truly global partner who can provision a SIP Trunk that is simple and scalable.
To date, service providers have acted in isolation; creating individual VoIP islands around the world. This has served them well with local and regional deployments but can become a challenge when serving large international enterprises that need to be connected across geographies to serve the global markets. Service providers had to find partners with similar services and establish new international networks to create a unified service. This resulted in higher costs and limitations in their speed of global deployment. In this manner, service providers lose the ability to grow their reach rapidly enough to compete for new business and winning large global contracts.
Our Software-Defined Networking (SDN) approach to SIP Trunking differentiates us from other SIP service providers. We enable our partners and customers to provision or consume end-to-end SIP Trunk services across a global footprint on-demand. All of these are instantly accessible via our SDN platform Infiny by Epsilon for provisioning and managing with complete visibility over your SIP Trunking services. To make it even simpler, you can easily connect Epsilon’s intelligent communications services to your applications using API for seamless user experience.
As a full suite provider, we make it easy for you to establish global SIP connections via a single relationship with us. There is also no need to manage multiple relationships with network operators because we can do that for you. We combine a guaranteed Quality of Experience with access to hundreds of network operators pre-connected to our global fabric. With our intelligent Voice services, enterprises and network services not only can increase their reach and efficiency but also add new connectivity capabilities that support their business goals.
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