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The Cloud has given employees the freedom to access their applications and services no matter where they want to work. It has redefined what it means to be “at work” but also creating new headaches for enterprise IT departments. Gartner predicts that, by 2020, less than 5% of enterprise workloads will be running on actual on-premises private clouds. The widespread adoption of Cloud services means enterprises are becoming increasingly network dependent and have to find new ways to ensure Quality of Service (QoS) and Experience (QoE) for end users.

New networking models are providing the foundation for the digital workforce. The challenge is to deliver new levels of reliability, security, and performance consistently across regional and global enterprises. A dispersed and demanding workforce cannot afford to lose productivity because of inconsistent connectivity to the enterprise’s Cloud network caused by inflexible and inefficient legacy networking. The cost to enterprises can be both direct losses based on lag and downtime as well as eventually losing talent due to the inability to offer a decent user experience.  

The digital workforce needs networking that matches today’s everywhere, always-on work culture. Direct, secure and high-availability connectivity to the Cloud is now a prerequisite. For enterprises, this means rethinking their approach to networking and looking at new connectivity options that can mirror the ease and flexibility of Cloud-based applications and services, while delivering a higher Quality of Service and Experience to end users across the globe.

Choosing a network provider that can offer access to several Cloud Service Providers (CSP) globally not only offers more choice, but also provides a foundation for a multi-cloud strategy in the future. Epsilon is solving the challenges enterprises face when enabling a digital workforce and giving IT departments networking that is as simple to manage as any other Cloud application or service.

We believe networking has to be just as agile as the Cloud, otherwise it will severely limit the enterprise and its workforce. Service providers have to offer Cloud connectivity that can be accessed on-demand and controlled by the customer. To cater to end-user needs, they have to move quickly to serve new demand with real-time visibility into the network performance.

By having a platform like Infiny, enterprises can leverage on a centralised ecosystem where they can access connectivity options around the globe, monitor performance end-to-end, optimise networks for specific applications. For enterprise with multiple locations globally, having an end-to-end, fully orchestrated global Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) will further accelerate accessibility to the Cloud.

When fast, simple and powerful networking solutions are in place, the workforce experiences life at work with greater efficiency, high productivity and strong interactions. Enterprises can drive new growth across their regional and global footprint with no limits on their applications and services, while keeping their employees engaged. At the same time, they are optimising their service experience for the end users.

If you’d like to learn more about our solutions and how we can help you solve your enterprise networking challenges, get in touch to talk to an expert at or simply fill in the form below.

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