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Cloud-based applications and services like Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) are becoming the go-to option for enterprises. The increased agility and speed of bringing new features or products to market is adding value to businesses that traditional software could not achieve.

Enterprises are drawn to these Cloud computing services because they offer more freedom internally. By removing the underlying infrastructure and software maintenance responsibilities, enterprises can focus more on business requirements and less on managing IT services.

According to Synergy Research Group, the enterprise SaaS market is now generating $20 billion in quarterly revenues for software vendors. A number that is growing by 32% per year. With the increased demand for instant applications and services, the challenge for SaaS and PaaS providers is deciding how best to serve this new demand as they will require more agile and flexible services for the long term.

Applications and services created and stored in the Cloud need the support of robust and reliable Cloud-centric connectivity that offers hyperscale on-demand connectivity while meeting the need of today’s technologies and applications. As demand for these applications and services grow, SaaS and PaaS providers must continue to deliver this agility to the enterprises or face a slow decline in popularity like their predecessors.

Over the years, Epsilon has been building hyper-scalable connectivity to deliver network services that can be scaled up to 100G. This high bandwidth supports the needs of the Cloud-based applications and services which can be delivered using our Software Defined Networking (SDN) platform Infiny by Epsilon.

Infiny gives SaaS and PaaS providers the capability to provision on-demand connectivity seamlessly, while extending their network reach and adding new visibility into the services. Through a single interface, they can scale network services up and down at the click-of-a-button. We understand the dynamic requirements by SaaS and PaaS providers, so we do not lock them down with fixed contracts or have them pinned with long lead times in deploying the network infrastructure. This enables SaaS and PaaS providers to react to changes instantly, only paying for what they use.

PaaS providers can also benefit from direct connectivity to multiple Clouds via Infiny. Connectivity is managed from a single platform and they are not paying for or managing multiple direct connections. Infiny instantly gives them the capability to offer their enterprise customers a multi-cloud environment to run their applications and scale the Cloud infrastructure to match their business needs.

For SaaS and PaaS providers, hyper-scalable connectivity brings tremendous value across their business functions, and it is a vital requirement in delivering high and consistent Quality of Experience (QoE). The unceasing demand for Cloud-services means SaaS and PaaS providers will have many new opportunities but must start to adopt a long-term approach when it comes networking. It is crucial to understand the consequences of bandwidth constraints and explore the ways to constantly enhance the service experience with hyper-scalable connectivity.

We are working with SaaS and PaaS providers globally. Reach out to find out what Infinycan do for you and how connectivity can become a competitive differentiator in your service offering.

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