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From checking in at the airport to managing global network infrastructure, automation is accelerating and simplifying repeatable processes. It removes the need to allocate resources to basic tasks while creating opportunities for businesses to innovate and move faster.

Network automation via Software-Defined Networking (SDN) has enabled quicker and more efficient service delivery. Service providers can provision connectivity services seamlessly at lower operating expenditure (OPEX). On the other hand, it is good news for enterprises as the network becomes more programmable and on-demand to their needs.

Here are five ways automation has transformed service providers’ business models in empowering their customers today:
1. Agile Network
Automation enables service providers to build operational frameworks that improve the speed of deployment of new connectivity services. A service that would have taken weeks to provision manually on the backend can be actioned in a matter of minutes. With a quicker time-to-market, enterprise customers enjoy greater agility when connecting their services and applications to serve new end-user demands.
2. Improved Reliability
For service providers, the entire process from ordering to provisioning is automated. This removes the risk of human error and ensures speed, efficiency and agility. Businesses can rely on this improved reliability with network automation to free up time and resources for other innovation.
3. Real-Time Monitoring
Network automation enables service providers to respond better to changes through real-time analytics and intuitive network management. It offers better visibility into the performance and problems that occur in the network. Any outages on the network or fluctuations can be immediately rectified, ultimately reducing the damage and cost of unplanned outages.
4. Increased ROI
By simplifying network operations with automation, service providers will see long term benefits in business agility and adaptability to external change. This means being able to live up to new customer expectations and support future technology, increasing its longevity and relevance in an increasingly saturated market.
5. Faster Transformation
Service providers have been relatively slow to automate the network as compared to other IT operations. In the past, the provisioning of connectivity services is resource-intensive and time consuming which hinders the rollout of new services and applications in the enterprise. With network automation, they can now dynamically adapt and transform their business at a faster pace.
As a global connectivity provider, we have automated a large part of our network with our SDN platform, Infiny. It enables our customers and partners to order, provision and manage connectivity to the Cloud, Internet Exchanges and global Data Centres without the clunkiness.
Experience the future of connectivity with Infiny today!
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