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With the expansion of Cloud adoption and the consumer trend towards on-demand services such as Uber and Spotify, we at Epsilon realised the need for providing a consistent, high-quality networking experience for our partners.

It was out of this need that our new connectivity platform, ‘Infiny by Epsilon’ was launched in March of 2017. Infiny brings the simplicity, dependability and accessibility we see in our personal lives and makes it a reality in networking. Leveraging Infiny, Epsilon’s partners can now access a single platform offering Data Connectivity, Direct Cloud Access, SIP Trunking, SD-WAN and Last Mile services. This new offering exemplifies Epsilon’s commitment to a culture of service, including rapid response, clear communication, simple solutions and a consistent customer experience.

Prior to Infiny, we launched Cloud Link eXchange (CloudLX), which provides our partners with on-demand Ethernet connectivity as well as a direct link into the world’s largest cloud and Internet Exchange ecosystem and its service providers. CloudLX offers an extremely fast and efficient way to deliver high performance apps and communications globally. According to a report by MarketsandMarkets, the global cloud applications market is expected to grow from approximately $30 billion three years ago to $66 billion by 2019, at an estimated Compound Annual Growth Rate of nearly 17 percent.

CloudLX integrates as a module within Infiny and plays a huge role in enabling our on-demand connectivity portfolio offering. We have not only witnessed CloudLX disrupt the marketplace, but also cause an evolutionary change on how our existing customers are facilitating inter-data center and direct Cloud and IX connections. Every service within Infiny is accessible via a simple modular format with click-to-connect provisioning.

This platform model enables services providers to offer truly global reach through the connectivity Epsilon provides, making them more efficient, agile and better able to adapt to their customers’ requirements. For our customers, it’s important that they can connect their services in and to as many places or network providers as possible. If you can’t offer truly global reach or a dense interconnect ecosystem, then there are still limits on the networking services you are offering.

Today, Epsilon can connect buildings down the street to a building in Singapore, New York or even Hong Kong. We are changing the way that our partners can deploy services by putting a truly global platform at their fingertips. By deploying Infiny by Epsilon, our partners’ businesses can operate with new agility and operational efficiency that goes above and beyond their customers’ expectations.

Another major benefit to Infiny by Epsilon is that it doesn’t focus exclusively on one market segment, but rather can be used by cloud service providers, managed service providers, data center operators and a variety of other operators in the networking industry to serve their customers.

Epsilon currently provides direct interconnects to global cloud leaders such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure. Because it is important that we continue to expand our partner ecosystem, we will announce new partners throughout the present year.

It’s significant that companies trust Epsilon because we’ve had a track record of getting it right for more than a decade. Our platform provides amazing automation and process, but ultimately it is supported by people that understand and care about the network. Hence, we’re excited to see our platform grow as more and more service providers benefit from a limitless approach to cloud-centric networking.

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