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Epsilon is excited to launch 10G and 100G Trans-Atlantic services with new levels of quality and competitive pricing. From October to December, we’re offering our partners unmatched pricing across the Atlantic with the highest possible quality of service.

We have integrated 100G capacity on the America-Europe Connect (AEConnect) Cable System into our onnet network and are offering partners promotional offers in Wavelength services. This is an opportunity for partners to experience our commitment to customer service excellence and try new capacity options for crossing the Atlantic and connecting data centres in the US and UK.

AEConnect is a high-capacity, Trans-Atlantic subsea cable network that connects New York to London via Dublin. It’s designed to provide secure and reliable Trans-Atlantic undersea cable connectivity with 99.999% availability. The system is fully owned by our partner Aqua Comms and contains 13 TB per fibre pair.

Our partners benefit from our extensive network in both the US and Europe. After crossing the Atlantic, they can use our Points of Presence (PoPs) in 111 Eight Avenue in New York and London Telehouse North in the UK to seamless connect to metro markets across both continents. We give them access to global communications hubs that can be a jumping off point for connecting sites around the world.

We are delivering simple and efficient Trans-Atlantic capacity that brings Europe and the US closer together. Consistent quality and competitive pricing means that partners can connect to global hubs onnet and optimise their applications with new levels of performance. This is a great step forward for our partnership with Aqua Comms and shows how together we can create new value for our partners.

Jerzy SzlosarekCEO at Epsilon

Since launching its solutions in North America, we’ve been growing our presence across the US and accelerating how our partners connect local, regionally and around the world. Our network has grown in new markets and we have plans to continue the roll out in metro markets across the US. We’ve been building momentum and announced partnerships in the US and Europe that include Dialogic, American Access, Netrality Properties, 1025 Connect, Hudson Fiber, Imagine Communications and more.

We are launching services that make it simple for our partners to connect and optimise their services. Wherever we see an opportunity to create new value for partners we’ll pursue it. In this case, we saw a chance to accelerate our partners’ access to new markets and streamline how they connect across the Atlantic. We’re dedicated to removing the complexity from networking and this offering is part of our vision for simple and powerful connectivity.

Jerzy SzlosarekCEO at Epsilon
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