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As the world eases into a new norm, businesses have demonstrated that their operations can persevere despite challenges during the pandemic.

The initial problems of remote working have largely been ironed out in most countries. Urgent digital transformation rollouts have helped many firms weather the storm. E-commerce has kept supply chains afloat to maintain some semblance of normality. Even the IT industry has quickly learned to cope with the massive upsurges in connectivity and security demand.

Amidst the new business normal, data centres are also under pressure to transform.

Going forward, there could be even greater surges in connectivity needs as businesses of all sizes increase their pace of change. Any services provider that cannot satisfy customer demands or grow its digital presence will fall behind quickly. Short of building the physical infrastructure, the only way is through interconnection with larger or well-networked data centres and carriers.

The smaller your scale and reach of connectivity services, the more crucial it is to ramp up now.

Within colocation facilities across the globe, the growing focus on interconnection is pushing data centre operators to find new network partners. They are looking for a partner who can help them expand their reach outside of their own data centre footprint. Through such partnerships, interconnection is more efficient in terms of cost and service delivery.


For smaller service providers, they need a global network partner due to several limitations:

  • Lack of expertise in cloud networking
  • Reach and scalability
  • Cost of managing infrastructure and cross-connect

One of the key factors when choosing a network partner is the interconnected ecosystem.

With more businesses transitioning to a cloud-first strategy for agility and readiness, the cloud is rapidly becoming one of the largest segments for interconnection. A good network service provider must offer:

  • Diverse data centre interconnect
  • On-ramps to multiple cloud services
  • Access to internet exchanges
In terms of risk appetite, it would be better to choose a network partner with a proven track record in serving their partners.
A reliable partner delivers consistent end-to-end experience from service delivery to after-sales support. Flexibility and scalability are also important features of global interconnection.
In terms of value-add, having a network partner who is invested in software-defined networking (SDN) for delivering Network as a Service (NaaS) is going to make a difference.
NaaS platforms like Infiny by Epsilon enable on-demand access to network services as and when needed. Organisations with their own platform can also use application programming interface (API) to seamlessly integrate the services they need.
Choosing a network service provider with a platform-driven approach translates to having a partner who is dedicated to your success.
  • Self-service access to on-demand network services for interconnecting various data centres, cloud services and internet exchanges
  • Automated provisioning of services to ensure faster time to market. We ensure you can serve your customers’ need no matter the urgency
  • New services and capabilities are constantly being added for partners to create new revenue streams
  • Providing our expertise with tailored solutions to help you support your customers when needed

We are delivering capabilities through Infiny to our partners, like maincubes, who adopted the platform to offer interconnection to their customers. The European data centre operator white-labelled the platform for access to Epsilon’s network fabric and deliver global connectivity solutions. This includes direct cloud connection and remote peering on-demand.

With a growing demand for high-performance interconnection and the widespread adoption of cloud-first strategies and internet-based services, service providers around the world must enable the best possible solutions for their customers whose connectivity requirements are constantly changing. The way the market is progressing in today’s business climate presents new opportunities. 
It is time to ramp up your data centre connectivity with global interconnection platform now.
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