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This year in February, European data centre operator maincubes announced that it would harness our software-defined networking (SDN) platform Infiny to offer customers direct access to public cloud services and global data centres.

By adopting Infiny, maincubes benefits from a single point of control for network services. The platform enables maincubes to easily deploy and manage global connectivity without adding complexity to operations.

maincubes is now winning new customers and capturing revenues beyond data centre services with Infiny. It is now delivering on-demand connectivity with flexible and scalable bandwidth options to its European customer base.

There are many more success stories showing the benefits in adopting an SDN platform. While service providers gain a host of technical capabilities, there are three must-have features in a broad sense:

  1. SDN with global cloud interconnection
  2. API-driven and white-label option
  3. Value-added services for business growth


Today, we’ve seen that the business environment can change overnight. It’s no longer enough to have a standard connectivity option with fixed long-term contracts.

This is because end users’ preferences and network traffic patterns are more dynamic.

An SDN platform is now an essential tool for all kinds of businesses to interconnect data centres, cloud services and internet exchanges. With a single portal for accessing these infrastructures, users can easily turn up connectivity when the need arises. 
It enables organisations of all kinds to scale-up services in private and public clouds and across data centres seamlessly, underpinned by a global cloud interconnect ecosystem. Mission-critical workloads and applications benefit from agile networking that can be delivered on-demand around the world.
Data centre (DC) operators, managed service providers and carriers are often limited to a network reach or geographical reach.
To tap into latent opportunities around the globe, they can try to reinvent the wheel. This can be done by manually setting up partnerships with multiple network service providers to expand their reach. Another way is by simplifying and streamlining this growth effort through an SDN provider.
As an interconnection specialist, Epsilon has worked with many service providers over the years. These service providers have adopted Infiny to expand their service portfolio and serve more of their customers’ needs. They can choose to resell network services via Infiny under a white-label arrangement or using the Infiny application programming interface (API).
With the white-label option, they can immediately sell these services under their own brand. This eliminates the need for large investments in networks and building the platform from scratch. Service threading is made possible with API, allow partners to select the network services to resell with service automation.
The advantages of tapping into an SDN platform are beyond the differentiating propositions mentioned above. Such a platform should be able to add value to an existing service and accelerate the partners’ business growth:
  1. Network analytics and centralised management of services
  2. Automated, on-demand provisioning
  3. Multi-service port to provision various network services and freedom to move ports to any location on the network fabric
  4. X-Connect (cross-connect) ordering capability with port and cabling

Infiny is more than just a tool for buying network services.

It is a comprehensive platform for both users and resellers, bringing together a global interconnect ecosystem for high-performance and reliable network connectivity.

Learn more on how you can start connecting with Infiny today.

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