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The connected world is congested, and newer innovation is imminent. For some carriers, this may come as either good or bad news, depending on how they position their service offering. We have learnt and seen the transformation of Telecommunications as a modern industry over 150 years of rich history. From the first submarine cable in the 1850s to wireless internet access with mobile devices, Telecoms has always been about delivering an experience to the end users.

The world today is not any different and carriers seeking high-growth must evolve in a digitalising landscape or risk missing out on serving next-gen opportunities. Digitalisation has driven the rise of many new industries. It is absolutely crucial to understand that the key business differentiator is in delivering a quality digital experience for the end users. Consumers now see things at face value, they expect carriers to offer consistent, high quality and digitalised services.

After all, the way consumers experience the network service has become the main driver for their satisfaction and loyalty. If carriers cannot evolve their business model to serve new demand and add value to their services, they risk losing customers who favour a service that caters to all of their needs. This is a challenge for a lot of carriers. They need to set themselves apart by differentiating the way they deliver their service as well as their service offering. Service Providers and their enterprise customer base want a personal and seamless digital networking experience and will turn to a trusted company that can deliver it.
Here are a few things carriers can do to differentiate in their delivery of digital experience:
  • Expand Their Portfolio
    Carriers have to constantly evolve their level of services to deliver high Quality of Experience. By adding new reach and solutions to their portfolio, they can create better propositions and take their business to a new level. The speed and reliability will become the top considerations for a data-hungry generation of consumers thanks to the digitalisation services of all kinds of business today.
  • Embrace Connectivity On-Demand
    Almost everything is available on-demand now. A good digital experience relies on seamless and scalable connectivity. Without it, the digital service is made redundant. On-demand connectivity gives carrier the ability to turn up services to meet dynamic needs and connect at locations where they do not have access to. Imagine being able to do all of these at the click-of-a-button when there is a surge in demand from the end users.
  • Create a Long-Term Partnership
    Traditionally, carriers have to manage relationships with multiple service providers. Some of these are short-term partnerships to meet immediate needs and might not be able to properly deliver the same service level. Carriers that invest and nurture long-term partnerships will be in a better position to evolve their services as they grow. In the long run, finding a partner who understands their business will give them an edge in terms of cost-efficiency and service delivery.
  • Benefit from a Global Network Fabric
    Carriers that have access to a global network fabric instantly gain the ability to connect to multiple interconnected data centres, Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) and peer at Internet Exchanges (IXs). Everyone understands the frustration of not being able to access an app or webpage. With access to a scalable network fabric, they can bring the consumers closer to the digital services and content wherever they are.

Carriers play a critical role in our daily digital experience and interactions. At Epsilon, we have the right tools for you to deliver superior digital experience to your end users. Our self-service, on-demand connectivity platform Infiny gives you access to a full suite of connectivity solutions. If you want to give Infiny a try, you can self-register on and gain access to our Global Interconnect Fabric. .

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